Breaking the Gender gap


Women in Music is Studio12’s response to reducing the gender gap in the music industry.

We create opportunities that champion young women / non-binary artists and support them to break into the industry and develop their practice.

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Image of 1Xtra Women in Music Group at Studio12

Both sides Now

 Bianca Gerald

Both Sides Now: Bianca Gerald

Over five days nine emerging Leeds female musicians worked with singer-songwriter Bianca Gerald with support from composer and producer Christella Litras. The group wrote and produced original music exploring themes of female empowerment, artistic identity and authenticity, asking “what does it mean to be a female artist in 2019”?

The residency and performance was delivered in partnership with Brighter Sound as part of their Both Sides Now programme, developed in response to low levels of female representation across the music industry – Both Sides Now pushes the agenda forward for women in the North of England. The programme supports, inspires and showcases female music creators and industry professionals through an exciting programme of creative residencies, artistic commissions, training and events – with the aim of reframing perceptions, challenging stereotypes and influencing lasting change. 

Participants were treated to industry visits from leading female professionals who shared insight into their careers and experiences of working within the music industry, including Emily Pilbeam from BBC Introducing, Reggae artist Empress Imani and Henna Angus, founder of Paramount Music. Work produced was showcased at the end of the week in Room 700, Leeds Central Library. It was attended by a diverse audience of over 30 people including a Leeds Councillor, in addition to being filmed and promoted online.

“I have loved running my own songwriting residency. It’s been immense. The performance was amazing. I’m blown away – it was phenomenal. Absolutely Beautiful. So incredibly proud of each and every one of you. This was and always will be my honour.– Bianca Gerald

Every artist comes with their own unique stamp and this week has really allowed them to discover that – to own who they are and bring their authenticity to the table. By them doing that they can really explore who they are and how they want to portray themselves as artists… If I was A&R right now I’d be signing all of them!Christella Litras

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Both Sides Now: Bianca Gerald
Participant’s Live Performances, Room 700 at Leeds Central Library

Both Sides Now: Bianca Gerald
Listen to the Live Performances via Soundcloud

Both Sides now

Film Music


Studio12 continue to work to help address the gender gap in the industry, most recently in partnership with Brighter Sound, collaborating on Both Sides Now: Film Music. Over 5 days 10 young women and non-binary artists created, recorded and mixed their own short film scores with guidance from award-winning composer Laura Rossi and sound designer Christella Litras. With special visits from Alisha Lazare (Channel 4) and Sarah Liversedge (BDI Music), the project aimed to give participants insight into what a career in composing music for film and TV involves, and create pathways into the industry. 

Things are changing for women working in the film industry and this is a great opportunity to explore what it’s like as a job. Whether you know a bit about film scoring already or you’ve never even considered it before, I’m looking forward to sharing my insights and experiences with you and hope you will leave feeling inspired!” – Laura Rossi

The astonishing results of their work were premiered at a special event as part of Leeds INDIs Film Festival, attended by a diverse audience of 60 people. Participants took part in a panel discussion with special guest and award winning composer Nina Humphries, treating the audience with insight into their creative processes.

What a brilliant project to be part of – the talent in the room is amazing. Also I was honoured to Chair the INDIs event for Women in Film Music… Never shared a space with so many female composers and sound designers! – Christella Litras, Composer / Project Lead

Great to meet you all yesterday and to be part of such a fantastic project! Some really interesting collaborations and it was obvious what an enjoyable and inspiring week you’ve all had. Hopefully I was able to add just a few thoughts at the end of it all, but most of all, I look forward to seeing them continuing with their chosen careers.” Nina Humphries, Leading UK Film & TV Composer



Image of Laura Rossi

Both Sides Now: Film Music

Composer / Project Lead, Laura Rossi

Group image of Film Music workshop

Both Sides Now: Film Music

Participants with Sarah Liversedge, BDI Music & Alisha Lazare, Channel 4


BBC Radio 1Xtra & Studio12


As part of the build up to the 1Xtra Live event the BBC worked in partnership with a number of community organisations across the city to bring grass roots experiences to the young people of Leeds.

The Women in Music idea formed between Studio12 and BBC 1Xtra aimed to address the balance of women in the industry and Studio12. The event took place at Leeds Central Library and was tailored to young women looking to enter the music industry, whether it be MCing, production or as an artist.

The event was hosted by Adele Roberts from BBC Radio1 and introduced with a live performance by Studio12 participant, Empress Imani – a great platform to showcase her talent!

There was a Q&A panel of experts from BBC 1Xtra including Mel Rudder, Carla Marie Williams, Jamz Supernova and Sian Anderson. The panel provided excellent advice to the attendees, the audience were able to ask questions and 1Xtra also provided content – all of which encouraged the 70 young women to pursue their dreams and reach their goals. 

The event was truly inspirational, providing information on routes into the music industry in addition to the opportunity for participants to meet their idols.

“Really enjoyed the #1XtraLiveSessions #WomenInMusic alongside @AdeleRoberts @SianAnderson @MiniMels @CarlaMarieUK”
– Jamz Supernova, BBC 1Xtra

“Still buzzing from this! Thank you so much for organising it. Xx”
– Adele Roberts, BBC Radio1




Image of Adele Roberts host of the Women in music workshop

BBC 1Xtra Live Event

Host Adele Roberts, BBC Radio 1

Reggae Artist Empress Imani performed at the BBC 1Xtra

BBC 1Xtra Live Event

UK Reggae Artist Empress Imani

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