Here you can find exciting current opportunities in the creative industries. This comprehensive guide includes commissions, events, funding, jobs, paid opportunities and much more. Categories include Music, Film, Business, Writing, Other and Jobs.

Please note: Our site contains links to and from other websites. Studio12 and Leeds City Council do not necessarily endorse or support the organisations that are linked to or from our website. We cannot guarantee that links will work all of the time, and we have no control over the content or availability of the linked pages on other websites. We aim to keep this page as up to date as possible, however please check details yourself before applying for opportunities, some of which may be paused or cancelled due to the pandemic. Visit our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guide which outlines support for artists – funding, industry advice plus health and well-being information. If you’re a Studio12 member and need some help or advice in submitting an application for any opportunities or funding, please get in touch: studio12@leeds.gov.uk


SUBMISSION deadline not specified: Long Division Artist Submission. Applications are now open to be involved in Long Division Festival 2022 and a range of other activities we will be presenting in 2022. The festival takes place in Wakefield on June 11th 2022, with a few fringe events on dates either side as well as a series of monthly gigs leading up to the festival weekend. Visit the Google Doc to register to play at Long Division.

EVENTS Dec. 1st, Dec. 8th and Dec. 15th: Have A Go Drop Ins by Chapel FM. Keen to learn more about what we do at Chapel FM Arts Centre? Have you ever fancied yourself a radio DJ? Do you have something to say or a story to tell? Want to work behind-the-scenes and gain some technical skills? Drop in at a time that suits you between 11am – 3pm and find out more about making radio. This is a relaxed space for you to ask questions, explore how the studio works and try something new. Our staff are on hand to have a chat, show you the ropes; whether that’s recording, editing, public speaking or other aspects of radio production. It’s a great way to learn new skills and find out more about what we do here. Visit Chapel FMs website to register for one of the Have A Go Drop Ins.

DEADLINE Fri. Dec. 3rd: Call-out – Creative Minds & Digital Artists by Brighter Sound. Do you want to experience and support the creation and installation of a large-scale immersive artwork? We’re looking for four creative minds to work with commissioned artist Rebecca Smith (Urban Projections) to install an exciting new artwork that will be showcased at a high-profile Brighter Sound event in Manchester in March 2022. The installation will be a large-scale, volumetric, audio visual laser projection, which will fill and transform the space using haze. Over three days you’ll work together at Rebecca’s studio in North Nottinghamshire. You’ll observe and support all parts of the process, from the conceptualisation, to the creative process, to the ins-and-outs of the technical design and install.
No previous technical skills required, this is a rare opportunity to gain a real insight into what goes into creating this kind of large-scale creative work. The piece will be shown at a special event to celebrate and showcase the impact of our transformational gender equality programme Both Sides Now. This will be a widely publicised event and will include the launch of our Both Sides Now ‘Manifesto for Change’. The artwork will also interact with a new musical commission.
Eligibility: We’re looking for four creative thinkers, either women or people from marginalised genders from the North of England. No experience necessary. Selected artists will receive travel, accomodation, per diems and any accessibility costs. Visit Brighter Sound’s website to find out more about the Call Out and to apply.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE Fri. Dec. 10th: Release Your Single with Both Sides Now Records, by Brighter Sound. The call out is open to women and marginalised genders based in the North of England. We’re keen to work with upcoming artists who are driven, focused and serious about their craft. If you’re a creative and original artist or band and you’d like to take your music career to the next level then we would love to hear from you. Both Sides Records is a new label that supports and promotes women and people from marginalised genders, and celebrates the incredible music coming out of the North of England. For our first open call we’re looking for an exciting artist or band in the early stages of their music career to release a single with us. What’s on offer:
• Paid Studio Time: A chance to have your track recorded, mixed and mastered to a high quality
• Access to Distributors: They’ll help you spread your music across all major platforms.
• Work with a PR Company: A bespoke PR campaign to promote your single.
• 1-1 Mentoring Sessions: We’ll connect you to a music industry professional to help you move forward in your career
• Promo Material: Paid promo material for your single release, this could be a photo and video shoot
Visit Brighter Sound’s website to apply to release your single with Brighter Sound’s Both Sides Now record label.

EVENT Fri. Dec. 10th (free, 2pm – 6pm in York): Musician Recruitment Workshop by Live Music Now (for music jobs in Yorkshire). Live Music Now harnesses the connective power of music, enabling musicians to play a pivotal role in society, contributing to happier, healthier, more resilient communities. Our professional musicians use their talent to deliver interactive music programmes in schools, hospitals and care homes across the UK supporting people to have musical lives. We are looking for professional performers (established soloists or groups of up to five) who are new to this type of work. You should have:
• A strong musical identity
• Excellent technical musicianship and performance skills
• A passion for sharing your music and collaborating with others
• A willingness to engage with a diverse range of people
• An openness to learning new skills
• A belief that music can change lives
Suitable musicians from the recruitment workshop will be invited to join Live Music Now – we’re looking for excellent performers with a willingness to engage audiences with their music, and a belief that music has the capacity to change lives. Financial bursaries are available to cover expenses of attending, including access costs. Salary: We set our fees in fees in line with Musicians’ Union rates for educational work. Fees vary depending on the length and type of performance. We contribute towards the cost of travel and subsistence when you are away from home, and cover accommodation costs if necessary. Visit Live Music Now’s website to sign up to the recruitment workshop.

FUNDING DEADLINE Dec. 17th (23:59): FAC Step Up Fund for Artists. Amazon Music, Amazon’s digital music streaming platform, and the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), the UK artist trade body, are delighted to launch the FAC Step Up Fund supported by Amazon Music. The fund provides financial support and a broader package of benefits for projects of up to ten upcoming artists. The fund aims to boost the development of talented artists, acknowledging the financial and structural challenges they face at this particular stage of their careers. Making an impact as an artist in a crowded field is always a challenge, however, it has been made even harder by the unprecedented impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Artists can apply for the FAC Step Up Fund for support on any projects related to their artist career, including recording, releasing, marketing and tour support. The fund will support projects over the course of a 12-month period. Eligibility: Applications are welcome from professional artists of all genres, based in the UK. Applicants must be aged 16 and over. They must have released at least 3 songs within the last year, with a minimum of 10k streams per song on a mainstream streaming service. They must not have an ongoing agreement with a major or large independent record label. Awardees receive:
• Up to £8,000 in financial support towards their project
• A one-year free membership and exclusive benefits with the Featured Artists Coalition
• Promotional support from Amazon Music
Visit FAC’s website to find out more about the Step Up Fund for Artists.

SUBMISSION deadlines Mar. 1st 2022 – Aug. 1st 2022: Submit Your Video to the Leeds Music Video Competition (part of Leeds International Film Festival). Always eclectic and unconventional, the Leeds Music Video Competition is a kaleidoscopic survey of some of the best new music videos from around the world. With a dizzying variety of musical and visual styles packed into its 70 minute programme (shown at Belgrave Music Hall), it features classic storytelling, playful set pieces, entrancing hand-drawn animation, moody monochrome and everything in between… Filmmakers’ commitment to the artform is as strong as ever. Visit the Leeds Film website to find out more about the previous music videos shown. Visit Film Freeway to submit your music video (entry fees vary).

Ongoing events: Free Online Advice Sessions by Launchpad. Launchpad supports the music sector in Yorkshire, providing and signposting to advice, funding and opportunities – for artists, music businesses and music industry professionals. The team behind Launchpad run Online Advice Sessions every other Tuesday. This is an opportunity for artists and music professionals to gain advice and guidance on areas that include but are not limited to knowing when to release your music, how to get into radio, royalties and funding opportunities. Visit Launchpad’s website to sign up to one of the free upcoming sessions.

Ongoing events: Help Musicians UK Funding Information Sessions. Looking to apply for a fund through Help Musicians? Visit the Cognitio Forms wesbite to book in for a free 1-1 chat with Help Musicians.

Ongoing: Futuresound are looking for local artists to add to the line-ups of upcoming shows across Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and across Yorkshire! Artists performing original music live can submit their music for consideration. Payment will be offered for all performances, the amount will vary per show. Visit the Futuresound website to submit your music.

Ongoing events: Mentoring Sessions by Apprentice Nation. Book a 1:1 online mentor session with mentors from the music, production, creative industries and more. Mentor Sessions are 30min, 1:1, online, and completely free. A relaxed chat with someone making waves in industry, with experience to share. Pick a Mentor from Atlantic Records, Concord Records, MTV Networks and more, as well as independent creatives, producers and directors, carving their way in industry. Visit Apprentice Nation’s website to find out more about the mentorship opportunities.

Ongoing Funding: Do it Differently Fund by Help Musicians UK. Musicians really benefit from support which enables them to focus on three key areas of their career at the same time: their creative portfolio, their business development and their health & wellbeing. Which is why we provide support that covers each of these vital aspects. Music creators can apply for financial support of up to £3,000 towards recording and releasing music; helping to build creative portfolios and get music out into the world. To help musicians build long-term, sustainable plans around their creativity, we also facilitate one-to-one advice sessions from professionals in the music industry on topics chosen by you in your application. When musicians are busy creating music, it can be challenging to notice when things aren’t quite right. As well as the above, supported artists will also receive a health consultation from a specialist to talk through and address any issues. The Do It Differently Fund is for professional UK musicians of all genres and disciplines aged 18+, with a focus on independent music creators who are controlling one or more aspects of their career (e.g. self-managing, self-releasing, self-producing). You can be a solo artist, composer, group member, songwriter, producer or a multidisciplinary artist. Awardees receive:
•  £3,000 in financial support towards creative output
•  One-to-one business advice sessions tailored to your needs and delivered via experienced music industry professionals, as coordinated by ThinkMusic
•  One-to-one health consultation with British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) professionals, covering all aspects of a musician’s health, including physical and mental health needs and specialist referrals where required.
To be eligible to apply, you must be a professional musician in an occupation creating, performing, or highly technically skilled in music. You must be over 18, based in the UK and have a UK bank account, and be able to demonstrate that you have less that £16,000 in available assets. If successful, it takes 8-10 weeks from when you’ve applied to when you will receive your first payment, so we ask that the activity you want us to support starts at least three-months after you apply. Visit the Help Musicians UK website to find out more about the Do it Differently Fund and to apply.

Ongoing Funding: Help Musicians Transmission Fund. Musicians at any point in their career can really benefit from learning new skills, taking time to hone their craft or working with peers and mentors to grow and develop as creators. This strand of support can provide up to £1,500 to help you take advantage of opportunities that enhance your skills or artistic practice, available whenever you need it. This could be a virtual conference to learn more about the industry, an online course to enhance your skills, one-to-one coaching or an online masterclass with an expert, or perhaps some time to work with a mentor. This support is specific to your career needs, so you can specify opportunities relevant to your own circumstances and ambitions. – whatever you need to feel confident in making your next move. Eligibility: Applications are open to professional UK musicians aged 18+ of any genre or discipline. As an individual you may be an instrumentalist, composer, producer, conductor, vocalist or singer-songwriter etc. Bands or ensembles consisting of six members or fewer are also eligible.  Visit the Help Musicians website to find out more about the Transmission Fund and to apply.

Ongoing Funding: Help Musicians Fusion Fund. Collaboration between musicians and creatives such as lighting designers, choreographers and visual artists can make music even more powerful. However, financing these activities can be a barrier to making them a reality, which is why Help Musicians can provide financial support to help develop new ideas and create a collaborative end product with music at its heart. Musicians can apply for up to £5,000 to undertake a UK-based collaboration between themselves and another non-music artists, for example storytellers, lighting designers, choreographers, technologists, scientists, gaming designers, theatre directors, visual artists etc.
There should be tangible results of the collaboration, such as a body of work created for an upcoming recording or a new performance. Ultimately, the project should push the boundaries of what you do as a music creator or performer, exploring or testing something that you are not currently able to achieve without support. Eligibility: Applications are open to professional UK musicians aged 18+ of any genre or discipline. As an individual you may be an instrumentalist, composer, producer, conductor, vocalist or singer-songwriter etc. Bands or ensembles consisting of six members or fewer are also eligible. Visit the Help Musicians website to find out more about the Fusion fund and to apply.

Ongoing Funding: MOBO Help Musicians Fund. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, the fund can provide financial support to help you create music, develop your business skills and drive your career forward. The fund exists to facilitate these opportunities for musicians making Hip Hop, Grime, R&B, Soul, music of African origin, Reggae, Jazz and Gospel. Music creators can apply for financial support of up to £3,000 towards recording and releasing music; helping to build creative portfolios and get music out into the world. You could apply for financial support towards a new EP, a series of single releases, a marketing plan around new music or perhaps some content creation to accompany your release. To help musicians build long-term, sustainable plans around their creativity, we also facilitate one-to-one advice sessions from professionals in the music industry on topics relevant to your career path.
When musicians are busy creating music, it can be challenging to listen to their bodies and notice when things aren’t quite right. As well as the above, supported artists will also receive a health consultation from a BAPAM specialist to talk through and address any issues.  Eligibility: Applications are open to UK musicians aged 18+ working in music of black origin. The MOBO Help Musicians Fund has a focus on independent music creators who are controlling one or more aspects of their career (e.g. self-managing, self-releasing, self-producing). You can be a solo artist, composer, group member, songwriter, producer or a multidisciplinary artist. Visit the Help Musicians website to find out more about the MOBO Fund and to apply.


Events Sep. 28th – Mar. 2022 (online, free): Screen Growth Programme by Creative England. Through this monthly, 10-part, open access programme we will walk through the different stages of owning and scaling a creative business in chronological order of growth, led by experts in the industry. Whether you are a creative individual considering starting a business, an early-stage start up, or a seasoned SME looking for investment or to scale, there is practical and helpful business advice for everyone.
• Nov. 29th: Creative Networking in a Digital Era
• Dec. 14th: Managing Unexpected Growth & Management and leadership
• Jan. 25th: Writing a great pitch in 60 seconds & Sales and Pitching
• Feb. 22nd: Fundraising and investment
• Mar. 29th: Exit strategies
Visit Creative England’s website to find out more about the Screen Growth Programme and to book your free places.

DEADLINE Nov. 30th: Pinterest Black Gold Accelerator. Pinterest wants to nurture black-owned businesses / creators with guidance from industry experts. Selected businesses will:
• Join a 3-month accelerator with like-minded peers.
• Attend action-focused masterclasses and access relevant insights from industry experts.
• Get visibility in front of 478million Pinterest users.
• Pitch their business to an audience of investors.
Visit Pinterest’s website to find out more about the Black Gold Accelerator and to apply.

EVENT Thurs. Dec. 2nd (free, 9:30 – 12:15 at Leeds Central Library): Start-Up Leeds – Social Media Fails and How to Avoid Them by BIPC Leeds. Join us for our high-impact, two hour social media training workshop. The workshop is suitable for beginners upwards, looking to start using social media to build awareness of their brand and generate leads using social media. Avoiding common social media pitfalls is key to getting your digital presence seen for all the right reasons and helping in delivering the results your business deserves. If you are unsure of how to stand out from the crowd, build brand ambassadors and drive traffic to your website this workshop is for you. This interactive workshop will highlight the most common mistakes business make on social media and how to avoid them
• Plan your social media strategy
• How to communicate what you want your audience to do next
• How to create relevant engaging content
• How to use insights and analytics to give you the edge
Visit Eventbrite to book your free place on the Start-Up Leeds event.

EVENT Mon. Dec. 6th (free, 2pm – 4:30pm): 1:1 Patent Advice with an Attorney – 30 minute phone consultation by Business & IP Centre Leeds. An understanding of Patents is vital for anyone running a business, or anyone with an idea for a business. In this 30 minute 1:1 phone consultation a Tandem Patent Attorney can provide free advice about protecting your inventive product or process using patents. This advice session is for people/business located in the UK only. Visit Eventbrite to book your free telephone consultation with an attorney.

EVENT Thurs. Dec. 9th (free, 9:30 – 12:15 at Leeds Central Library): Start-Up Leeds – Make Valuable Connections for your Business on Social Media by BIPC Leeds. Join us for our high-impact, two hour social media training workshop. The workshop is suitable for beginners upwards, looking to start using social media to build awareness of their brand and generate leads using social media. To gain maximum return from your digital network is it a case of quality over quantity? Depending on your business you will need the right approach to help your network work for you. If you are unsure of how to turn connections in to the perfect referral partners, brand ambassadors or your next client this workshop is for you. This interactive workshop will help you understand the value of your network and how to grow it for your business
1. Identify the perfect connections for you and your business
2. Ensure your profiles and activity attract the right connections
3. Strategy to cover identifying, connecting and what happens next
Visit Eventbrite to book your free place on the Start-Up Leeds event.

EVENT Wed. Dec. 15th (online, free, 10:00 – 11:30): Start-up Leeds – Understanding Social Media Platforms by Business & IP Centre Leeds Q&A. Get to grips with the latest developments in social media and how you can make the most out of different platforms for your business. In this online workshop we’ll be taking a closer look at how popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, can be used for your business and weigh up the pros and cons of each one. From selling your products through social media or using it to communicate with your audiences, we’ll find out how different platforms can enable you to grow your business. After a short introduction, this session will follow a Q&A format to get your questions answered. If you’ve got a burning question about using social media for your business make sure you bring it along to this interactive session. This session is ideal for anyone who already uses social media for their business and is looking to take their online presence to the next step. This talk will be hosted by Katrina Cliffe from Wild PR. Visit Eventbrite to book your free place on the Start-up Leeds event.

EVENT Thurs. Dec. 16th (free, 2pm – 4:30pm): 1:1 Advice with an IP Lawyer – 30 min phone consultation by Business & IP Centre Leeds. Walker Morris Law Firm are delivering free 1:1 advice about trade marks, copyright and design via telephone consultation. An understanding of intellectual property and its protection is vital for anyone running a business, or anyone with an idea for a business. In this 30 minute 1:1 phone consultation a Walker Morris IP lawyer can provide free advice about protecting your brand name, logo, creative work or the appearance of a product using Trade marks, Copyright and Designs. This advice session is for businesses located in the UK only. Visit Eventbrite to book your free telephone consultation with an IP Lawyer.

EVENT Fri. Dec. 17th (online, free, 2pm – 4pm): Tax and Bookkeeping Advice Sessions by Business & IP Centre Leeds. Simon Young is the founder and managing partner of Aysgarth Chartered Accountants, the Leeds city centre firm of accountants. Simon has spent his career either working in or assisting small and medium sized businesses. From this depth of experience Simon is able to offer clients the advice and support they need – from setting up and growing the business, to understanding taxes and implementing their planned exit strategy. In this 30 minute 1:1 phone consultation Simon can provide free advice about your tax and bookkeeping needs. This advice session is for businesses located in the UK only. Visit Eventbrite to book your free place on the Tax and Bookkeeping Advice Sessions.

Ongoing: Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme. For ages 18-30. Got a business in mind or want to explore an idea? From training and mentoring support to funding and resources, we’re here to help you become the best entrepreneur you can be! Visit the Prince’s Trust website to find out more about how they can provide you with free support for your business ideas. You can also visit the Prince’s Trust website to access a range of free business resources including finance, marketing, business plans and more.

Ongoing: Business & IP Centre (BIPC Leeds). The BIPC team are based on the 2nd floor of Leeds Central Library and provide a vast range of free services. Whether you are taking your first steps in setting up in business, or looking to grow an established business, they have a wealth of information at their fingertips. They can guide you through the procedures required to help you protect the intellectual property in your products and services, provide access to specialist databases covering market research, company information, and patents and trademarks. Visit the Leeds Gov UK website to find out more about the Business & IP Centre Leeds. You can book a free one to one consultation with specialists including business advisors, accountants and IP attorneys. Visit Eventbrite to view the fantastic range of free BIPC events and workshops that will help you start-up and grow your business.

Ongoing: Ad:Venture. Ongoing: Ad:Venture. Finance Brokerage & Grants: As new and young businesses will require finance to grow, AD:VENTURE will offer a variety of financial support including access to grants and loans. AD:VENTURE Growth Grant: For businesses trading up to 36 Months (Or pre-trading). The Growth Grant supports young businesses that trade primarily with other businesses (B2B). Business grants are available between £1000 and £25,000 to support capital growth costs, with businesses required to contribute a minimum of 50% of eligible costs.​ Businesses must be able to show they have the aspiration and capacity to grow and create employment.​ Growth ambition should be evidenced with a sound business plan and a cash-flow forecast. You’ll be given impartial advice to help you decide what the best finance option for you and your business really is. You’ll get support from your advisor on finance brokerage and assistance navigating the funding landscape, helping you achieve your growth goals. Visit Ad:Venture for information about business start-up, loans & grants.

Ongoing: Doing Good Leeds. Visit the Doing Good Leeds website to find out about funding for voluntary & community groups in Leeds.

Ongoing: Leeds Community Foundation. Visit the Leeds Community Foundation website to find out more about funding for charities & voluntary groups in Leeds.

Ongoing: UnLtd. – Funding for Social Entrepreneurs. More people than ever are stepping up to tackle the world’s problems. Could you be one of them? We know social entrepreneurs offer some of the best solutions to loneliness, community resilience and our nation’s long term economic, social and cultural health. During this pandemic we need hope, togetherness and trust, which amazing individuals and community groups are stepping up to provide. UnLtd will get behind these efforts by finding, funding and supporting social entrepreneurs throughout the UK who are serving our local communities and combating isolation. We will also support social entrepreneurs whom we have invested in – who are already contributing so much to our society and economy – but have been most severely affected by COVID-19. UnLtd’s social entrepreneur investees are all SMEs and all serving vulnerable communities. We will get behind these social entrepreneurs and help them not just survive this crisis, but go on to thrive once more as our country recovers together. We are committed to 50% of our Awards going to Black, Asian and minority ethnic social entrepreneurs, and/or disabled social entrepreneurs across our funding programmes. Visit the UnLtd. website to find out about support and funding for social entrepreneurs.



Interested in writing scripts for Film / TV? Then also scroll down to look at opportunities under the Writing section.

MENTORING AND TRAINING DEADLINE not specified, more details TBC: Momentum 2022. We are Parable is partnering with Channel 4 on Momentum 2022 – a nationwide mentoring and training project supporting 60 Black filmmakers and content creators across the UK. Visit We are Parable’s website to sign up to the newsletter for further information about Momentum.

SUBMISSION DEADLINES Dec. 3rd, Feb. 11th and Mar. 4th: Sheffield DocFest Festival. Entries are now open for the 29th edition of Sheffield DocFest, taking place 23 – 28 June 2022. We welcome entries for both our Films and Alternate Realities programmes.
Films (entry fee from £20): We welcome documentary and non-fiction films of all lengths and from all around the world, that wish to be considered for launching or premiering as part of our 2022 official selection.
Alternate Realities (entry fee from £20): We welcome entries for artworks and projects in non-fiction storytelling and encourage entries from independent artists and collectives and from established artists or emerging new talent from around the world. Accepted formats:
● Interactive Documentary, VR, AR & 360° video
● Moving image, video & expanded cinema
Audio, sound & performance
● Game, motion comic, artificial intelligence & many more
Visit Sheffield DocFest’s website to submit your films.

PAID TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME deadline Sun. Dec. 5th: Film and HETV Trainee Finder by ScreenSkills. This highly-respected programme of paid placements for new entrants into film and children’s and high-end television, will open recruitment on 28 October with at least 250 places available. The programme is open to candidates with less than a year’s paid experience in their chosen role or department from a range of jobs where there are skills shortages. Trainee Finder trainees receive an induction into the industry which includes sessions that cover set etiquette, health and safety, mental health and wellbeing and being a freelancer alongside paid placements over the course of a year.
The Trainee Finder programme has run since 2013 in its current form but started earlier in film. It has had notable success in matching participants on productions including films such as Fantastic Beasts, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and 1917, high-end TV including Sex Education, Peaky Blinders, The Crown and children’s TV including My Mum Tracy Beaker, Molly & Mack, and Andy and The Band. Visit the ScreenSkills website to find out more about Film and HETV Trainee Finder.

EVENTS Dec. 8th – Mar. 30th (free): SIGN (Screen Industries Growth Network) to deliver screen-related research seminars. SIGN is delivering four hybrid research seminars with its partner universities. These seminars provide an opportunity to share knowledge between academics and people working in the industries, on screen-related topics specific to Yorkshire and the Humber.
• 8 December: From Courses to Careers: Guiding Young People through the Screen Industries (University of Hull)
• 19 January: Working in Telly is Bad for You (University of Huddersfield)
•  23 February: Social Justice, Inclusion and the Screen Industries (York St John University)
• 30 March: Connecting Screens: Playing with Immersive Systems (Leeds Beckett University)
Visit SIGN’s website to find out more about the research seminars and to book your free places.

EVENT Thurs. Dec. 9th (online, free, 5:30pm – 7:00pm): Freelancer Survival Guide – Funding your film as a Freelancer by Create Jobs. Join producer Elizabeth Benjamin as she takes you through a a 90 minute financing your film or project workshop. In this session you will learn the ins and out on how to find funding and the processes between. During this interactive session Elizabeth will be discussing the main tools she’s used to support young people in funding their film idea. You will be given a space to share your potential pitch ideas in small groups as well as how to make that a reality. She will also be speaking to Reman Sadani, London-based Iraqi artist and a member of Habibi Collective, and most recently had sceening screenings and group exhibitions including: Mizna Arab Film Festival (Minneapolis), Open City Documentar (London) and many more. Visit Eventbrite to book your free place on the Funding Your Film event.

SUBMISSION DEADLINES Mar. 1st 2022 – Aug. 1st 2022: Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF) 2022 submissions. A qualifying film festival for the Academy Awards, BAFTAs, and BIFAs, LIFF presents an extensive and diverse programme of discovery that celebrates the achievements of new and established talent from around the world. You only need to enter your film into one category: if your film is eligible for other categories it will still be considered by the programme selectors. LIFF 2022 prizes for short films:
• Leeds International Short Film Competition (£2000 cash winner prize)
• World Animation Competition (£1000 cash winner prize)
• British Short Film Competition (£1000 cash winner prize)
• Yorkshire Short Film Competition (£500 cash winner prize)
• Leeds Screendance Competition (£500 cash winner prize)
• Leeds Queer Short Film Competition (£500 cash winner prize)
• Leeds Music Video Competition (£500 cash winner prize)
Entry fees vary. Visit FilmFreeway to submit your film to LIFF.

BURSARY Deadline Mar. 13th, 2022 (applications open now): ScreenSkills Bursaries – apply for funding to progress your career. For ages 18 and over. A ScreenSkills bursary is a cash grant to remove the obstacles to getting into the screen industries or progressing your career once you’re in. You can apply for money to pay for most things that relate to work and continuing professional development, such as training fees, accommodation, care, disability access costs, equipment, software and travel. Read the bursary guidelines to understand exactly what’s covered. Bursaries are supported by the BFI, awarding National Lottery funds, by industry contributions to the Film, High-End TV, Children’s TV and Animation Skills Funds. You can apply for a bursary if you:
●  Currently work in the UK screen industries, or can demonstrate your intention to work in them
●  Are eligible to work in the UK
●  Are 18 years old or above
●  Have a UK bank account
●  Priority is given to freelancers rather than those with continuous contracts.
Visit the Screenskills website to find out more about the Bursaries and to apply.

Ongoing FUNDING: Genera Film Fund. Genera has been set up to provide an alternative way for short filmmakers worldwide to fund their work, offering up to £5000 per project. Note there are one off submission fees for each film you submit – the cheapest rates are in January. They are looking for: the strength of the story and vision, previous work and/or experience of applicant, and the viability of the project budget and production. Shortlisted applicants will be requested to provide them with: script, budget breakdown, production timeline, a short video (optional), and any additional information since applying. After reviewing shortlisted projects 1-5 will be awarded funding of up to £5,000. Visit Genera Film’s website to find out more about their short film funding and how you can apply.

Ongoing FUNDING: British Film Institute (BFI) Fund. The BFI uses National Lottery funds to develop and support original UK filmmakers and films, and to increase the audiences who can enjoy them. They seek to reflect the public in the films they support, the audiences who watch them, and the filmmakers, actors and crews who make them. Production and development funding: They provide support for the production, development and completion of feature films which fairly reflect people from different backgrounds. Distribution and exhibition funding: They support high quality British and independent releases, increase film choice for audiences and offer a springboard for UK film exports. Visit the BFI website to find out more about the different funding streams available.

ONGOING COMPETITION (quarterly deadlines, free to enter): British Comedy Guide – BCG Pro Video Contest. The BCG Pro Video Contest is looking for the best scripted video sketches, which are two minutes in length or shorter. Each month, a panel of judges will select a sketch, which will be awarded £100 and shared with over 150,000 comedy fans via British Comedy Guide’s social media platforms. Submissions which showcase a great funny script, and have good picture quality and sound, are most likely to win. Archive content is accepted – you could have filmed the sketch at any time, but it must still feel relevant today. It is free to enter and you may submit one project into the contest for consideration in each entry window. You may use your entry opportunity to submit a project on behalf of a team/collective, as long as all involved have consented for the video to be submitted. All entries must be the original work of the entrant, and must not infringe the rights of any other party. Entry windows run for 3-month periods: April – June, July – September, October – December, and January – March. You can submit up to 4 entries in each calendar year, one per quarter. To find out more about the BCG Pro Video Contest and to enter, visit the British Comedy Guide’s website.

Ongoing: ScreenSkills Information and Resources: Browse research, masterclasses, career maps and other useful information published by ScreenSkills and trusted partners. Filter according to your interests. Visit the ScreenSkills website to access the information and resources.



FREE TALENT DEVELOPMENT COURSE deadline not specified: Harper Collins Author Academy. The Harper Collins Author Academy trains and support writers from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds to help them become commercially successful in the publishing environment. They’re looking for passionate aspiring writers for their next cohort. During the 6-week online programme beginning Jan. 24th, you’ll gain all the tools you need to succeed in the publishing industry. The Academy offers three courses, covering three different genres: Fiction, Non-fiction, and Writing for Children. The courses will run remotely for 6 weeks, with weekly live-streamed tutorials and access to other course materials. Additional on-demand masterclasses cover the fundamentals of publishing as a business, and you’ll be supported by a mentor throughout. Once you’ve put your thoughts into words, you’ll learn how get your work ready for publishers. Successful applicants will be alerted by Friday, 17 December 2021. Our courses offer crucial insights across a range of industry topics, including:
● Turning an idea into a solid book proposal
● Working with agents, editors and publishers
● Contracts, copyright, and royalties
● Genres and formats
● The craft of storytelling
● Author branding
To find out more about the Author Academy visit the Harper Collins website.

COMPETITION opening Mon. Nov. 29th, and closing Dec. 6th (free entry): 7 Day Story Writing Challenge by Globe Soup. Prize: £500. 7 Day Story Writing Challenges take place throughout the year. Before a new challenge begins, all those who have registered will be randomly divided into 12 groups. Each group corresponds to a different genre. When the challenge begins you will receive an email with your randomly assigned genre and the secret challenge theme. All participants receive the same theme and must write a short story of no more than 2,000 words, inspired by the theme, written in the genre assigned to them. You have exactly 7 days to write and submit your story. Globe Soup will choose 12 finalists, one from each genre and an overall winner. Visit Globe Soup’s website to sign up to the writing challenges.

PAID OPPORTUNITY DEADLINE Nov. 30th (midnight): Call Out for Poet in Residence by Dartington Gardens. Dartington Gardens seeks a Poet in Residence for their Grade II listed Gardens for 2022. The position is open to any poet in the UK, includes a £1,000 fee and will involve four weekend trips to Dartington shaped around the seasons. To apply, poets need to send in an example of their work (three poems) plus a covering letter explaining why they would like to become the first Poet in Residence for the historic gardens. We are especially interested to hear from candidates from backgrounds and communities that are under-represented in the publishing and arts sectors, including black, minority ethnic, and disabled candidates. Visit Dartington Trust’s website to find out more about the Poet in Residence opportunity and to apply.

COMPETITION Deadline 30th November: Flash Fiction. Entry Fee: £3 for 1 entry, or £5 for 2 entries. Prizes: £100, £25. The two winning entries will be published on the website (they may also publish a selection of highly commended entries on the website). The maximum word count is 500, not including the title. Future anthologies will also be considered, published by Cranked Anvil Press, in which a selection of short and long-listed stories from each competition will be published. The results will be announced on the website (and in our social media) within six weeks of the closing dates. Visit Cranked Anvil’s website to read the rules about the Flash Fiction competition and to apply.

SUBMISSIONS open Dec. 9th – Jan. 13th: BBC Writers Room Open Call for Drama and Comedy Scripts. Rather than accepting scripts year-round, we have distinct submission windows for scripts which are announced on the BBC Writersroom Opportunities page during the year. Each Open Call has a deadline, following which the scripts received are assessed intensively by our script readers and the BBC Writersroom team, and a shortlist drawn up. We then offer various opportunities for the shortlisted group of writers including our Drama Room and Voices development groups. You can join a free online webinar to find out full details about our Open Call opportunity on Dec. 2nd. Additionally throughout the submission window for the Open Call we’ll be running a series of drop in sessions to answer any questions you may have. Dates (choose one): Tues. 7th, 14th and 21st Dec. or Jan. 11th and 12th. Visit the BBC Writers Room website to find out more about the Open Call and to sign up for the webinar or drop in sessions.

TALENT DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY deadline Dec. 12th (5pm): Breakthrough Novel-Writing Course for Writers of Colour (online). Curtis Brown Creative, the UK’s only agent-led creative writing school, has announced an exciting opportunity for budding writers of colour… This two-week intensive Zoom/online novel-writing course will act as an inspirational catalyst to help exhilarate your writing journey, and is entirely free for eight talented writers of colour with limited financial means. You’ll get expert teaching and intensive feedback on your novel-in-progress from award-winning tutor Jacob Ross and a group of eight talented fellow-writers. Plus, on the final day, a live Zoom session from two top Curtis Brown literary agents who will share their experience and insights on publishing and on how to pitch your novel to the industry with confidence. This is a course is designed with flexibility in mind. You can take part in workshops and post writing tasks on our online learning platform at times to suit you. Timings for the three live Zoom sessions will be confirmed significantly in advance. We welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries. Visit the Creative Access website to find out more about the Breakthrough Novel-Writing Course and to apply.

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE Dec. 12th: The Breakthrough YA & Children’s Fiction Scholarship for Writers of Colour Course (online). Curtis Brown Creative, the UK’s only agent-led creative writing school, has announced an exciting opportunity for writers of colour. This scholarship will award a talented writer of colour with limited financial means a place on our Writing YA & Children’s Fiction course. If you have the desire to write and a great idea for a book for young readers – and if you’re a writer of colour without the financial means to attend a Curtis Brown Creative course – this scholarship opportunity is for you. The Breakthrough YA & Children’s Fiction Scholarship will provide the full course fee for a talented writer of colour with limited financial means to study on our three-month online Writing YA & Children’s Fiction course led by award-winning author Catherine Johnson. The course will run from 24 January to 25 April 2022. Curtis Brown Creative offers places on its courses on the basis of proven writing ability. They ask applicants to send the first 3,000 words of a novel in progress, with a one-page synopsis, and to fill out the application form. Please note that those with the financial means to attend CBC’s courses should not apply to this scholarship. Visit the Creative Access website to find out more about the YA & Children’s Fiction Scholarship for Writers course, and to check if you’re eligible to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 15th: Free script-reading service. Talawa’s free Script Reading Service provides feedback and support to emerging Black writers across the UK. How it works: Send them your script before the deadline. They’ll confirm that they have received your script. Your script will be read by one of their team of script readers, who will report back to their New Work Producer. You will either receive a detailed script report or, if your script is selected for further development, you will be invited to meet with them. Please note – this process takes three months. Visit the Talawa website for more information about the script-reading service and to submit your script.

EVENT Wed. Dec. 15th (free, 5:45pm at Horsforth Library): Poetry To The Lost. For centuries, poets have written odes. Work with professional poet Chris Singleton to write your very own poem dedicated to someone or something you have lost – encompassing their qualities, eccentricities and the warm and humorous moments of your relationship. No prior experience of writing is required in this accessible workshop for everyone – from those first picking up a pen, to those who write every day. Visit Ticketsource to book your free place on the Poetry To The Lost event.

DEADLINE Mon. Dec 20th (free to enter): International Playwriting Competition by Editorial DALYA. Editorial DALYA announces the International Playwriting Contest VI, which aims to encourage playwrights in the creation of bold and powerful plays for teenagers and young adult audiences. The heart of this competition is the participation of playwrights worldwide, regardless of nationality, age or language. Writers are asked to submit a play for either category A (60+ min), category B (30-60 min) or category C (less than 30 min). The total prize fund to be shared is worth €12,000. In addition to cash prizes, the translation, publication and public reading of the winning plays, there will be economic aid, to provide help for the production of performance and support for the dissemination of the winning plays among teenagers and young adult people. Visit Editorial DALYA’s website to find out more about the competition and to submit your play.

DEADLINE Dec. 31st (free entry): 2021 Flash Fiction Competition by Globe Soup. Prize: £1k. Word limit: 800. We’re looking for the best Flash Fiction Story. of no more than 800 words. Our Flash Fiction Competition features a secret location in which all participants must set their story. It could be a club in London, a beach in Brazil, a restaurant in Nairobi, a forest in Tibet, a chalet in Switzerland… You only find out the location after you enter! Last year, the secret location was ‘ A Souk in Morocco’ (you can visit Globe Soup’s website to read the winning entry).
Entries into the Globe Soup 2021 Flash Fiction Competition can be written in any genre or style, but they must be fiction. Although your story must be set in, or at least partially set in the given location, how much the setting features in your story is up to you. All participants can get extensive feedback on their entry by taking part in the Feedback Exchange in our Members-Only Group, as well as free entry to our Monthly Micro Contests for a chance to win £100 every month. Visit Globe Soup’s website to find out more about the Flash Fiction competition and to apply.

DEADLINE Jan. 14th 2022: Magma 2021/2022 Poetry Competitions. The poetry competitions are now open for your prize-winning long and short poems. We are very excited to announce that Marvin Thompson is the judge for the Judge’s Prize for poems of 11 to 50 lines and he will be reading all entries – there are no sifters. The Editors’ Prizeis judged by a panel of Magma Editors and is for poems of up to 10 lines. The prize money for both competitions is the same, so double your chances and try your luck at both.
Prizes: First prize for the Judge’s and Editors’ Prize is £1000, second prize £300 and third prize £150. The six prize-winning poems will be published in Magma and there will also be five special mentions for the Judge’s Prize and for the Editors’ Prize. Winning and commended poets will be invited to read their poems at a Magma Competition Event in Spring 2022.
Fees: The entry fees are £5 for the first poem, £4 for the second and £3.50 for the third and each subsequent poem. Magma magazine subscribers benefit from reduced fees: £4 for the first poem, £3 for the second, and £2.50 for the third and each subsequent poem.
Visit Magma’s website to submit your poetry to the competition.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE Jan. 14th: StageWrite (free entry). StageWrite is Bedford’s only New Writing Festival and they are currently receiving submissions for their next StageWrite Festival, taking place in Bedford in March 2022. The festival is aimed at new and emerging playwrights who would like the opportunity to see their work realised in front of a live audience and engage in a Q&A with the audience, director and writers. Previous plays have gone on to full production at Bedfringe and Reading Fringe Festival. Submission Brief:
● Scripts should be between 30 and 60 minutes in length
● Plays should require no more than 6 actors to perform
● There is no age limit and they particularly welcome submissions from the BAME and LGBTQIA+ communities
● 2 plays will be selected to be performed at the festival
Visit StageWrite’s website to find out more about the writing festival and to submit your play.

PRIZE AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME deadline Jan. 17th 2022: Discoveries by Women’s Prize for Fiction. Discoveries invites unpublished women writers from the UK or Ireland to submit the opening of a novel in English, of up to 10,000 words. Unlike most initiatives of this kind, writers are not required to have finished their novel, and Discoveries is completely free to enter. In partnership with Audible, Curtis Brown Literary Agency, and the Curtis Brown Creative writing school, Discoveries is more than a traditional prize whereby the winner receives an offer of representation and £5,000; it is a pioneering development initiative which offers practical support and encouragement to aspiring female novelists of all ages and backgrounds. The support package offered to the Discoveries longlisted writers has been enhanced for 2022. A brand-new bespoke, two-week online Discoveries Writing Development Course has been designed by Curtis Brown Creative for the 16 writers, to be taught by CBC tutor Charlotte Mendelson, who was shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2008 with When We Were Bad. All 16 writers will also receive an annual Audible subscription. Visit the Women’s Prize for Fiction website to find out more about Discoveries and to apply.

PRIZE DEADLINE Jan. 31st: Ginko Poetry Prize. We’re international and anyone can enter a poem written in the English language. This year will be judged by author and poet Camille T. Dungy, poet and naturalist Anna Selby, and activist and writer Sara Hudston. The Ginkgo prize is an ecopoetry prize, we’re looking for poems that engage with the climate crisis, words that will ignite our global conscience. Poems can be any length and follow any form. First prize: £5,000, second prize: £2,000, third prize: £1,000. With an additional £500 prize for the ‘Best Poem of Landscape’. In addition the winner will receive a residency (location to be confirmed). Submissions are £7 for the first entry and £4 for each additional poem. Over the following months we’ll be running a series of ecopoetry workshops on our @ginkgo.prize Instagram live and over Zoom. These workshops will help applicants enter the prize – we’ll be exploring how to write ecopoetry, learning to engage with pertinent themes and imbue your words with an activist message. Visit Ginko’s website to find out more about the Prize and to view the list of ecopoetry workshops.

DEADLINE Tues. Mar. 1st 2022 (submission window open now): The 2022 New Poets Prize by Poetry Business. For writers age 17 – 24. Entrants are invited to submit short collections of twelve pages of poems. Four outstanding collections will be selected to receive a year of support from The Poetry Business: a publisher and writer development agency with a strong reputation for discovering, developing and publishing outstanding new poets. All four New Poets Prize winners will have their winning collection published under The New Poets List, our imprint dedicated to discovering, mentoring, and publishing young and emerging poets. Please note that the published winning collections will be extended versions of the winning manuscripts (approximately 20–24 pages of poems). Other prizes include publication in The North magazine and a prize winners’ reading. Two of the four winners will receive a place on an Arvon residential of their choice in 2022/23. Entry costs £8. A number of free entries are available for writers who are unable to afford the entry fee. Visit the Poetry Business wesbite to find out more about the New Poets Prize and to enter.

DEADLINE Tues. Mar. 1st 2022 (submission window open now): The 2022 International Book & Pamphlet Competition by Poetry Business. Entrants are invited to submit a collection of 20 pages of poetry. Four winners will be selected by the judges to be published by the award-winning imprint Smith|Doorstop. All winners will also receive a share of £2,000, publication in The North magazine, and a reading at The Wordsworth Trust. The winners will receive close editing, extending their entry up to 28 pages and are guaranteed pamphlet publication. There is also an opportunity to submit a full-length manuscript, which, where the judges feel it is appropriate, will be published as a book in 2023. Full-price entry is £28. Subscribers to The North, Friends of the Poetry Business, and members of the Poetry Society are eligible for the discounted fee of £25. If you can’t afford the entry fee, waivers are available. Visit the Poetry Business website to find out more about the competition and to apply.

Ongoing: Associate Writers by Chapel FM. Poetry, script, fiction – Chapel FM Associate Writers is a weekly Wednesday 5-6.30pm creative writing group for anyone aged 13-26. Peter Spafford, Chapel FM Director of Words: ‘Chapel FM has a fantastic tradition of working with young writers. In these sessions, we’ll be looking at other people’s work but mainly developing our own through writing in the moment, discussion, trying stuff out.’ The sessions are free or pay as you feel. Visit Chapel FM’s website to sign up to Associate Writers.

Ongoing: Virtual Pen to Paper by University of Leeds. Every Wednesday 12:30 – 3:30 via Twitter and Instagram. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, use your time to hone your creative writing skills, chat with fellow writers online or simply indulge your creativity. Visit the University of Leeds website for writing tips and starter exercises to get you going, available to download for free.

Ongoing: Free Online Poetry Workshops by Home Stage. Events take place fortnightly on Mondays at 8pm, via Zoom. Join a group of friendly poets passionate about improving each other’s writing. The Poetry Workshop is run by Home Stage’s Darren J Beaney. Darren is an experienced poet, about to release a third poetry publication of his own – a collection called Never Mind The Couplets – and he fosters a friendly, supportive environment. Within the workshop you can receive constructive feedback on your work from others in the group and offer your thoughts on their poetry too (another great way to improve your own writing). We have time to workshop 5 poems within the hour – why not let one of those be yours? Visit Home Stage’s website to sign up for the poetry workshops.

Ongoing: Queer Black Book Club by Commomword. It’s a reading group held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30pm for people who are both are both LGBTQ+ and from Global Majority communities. We are currently meeting on Zoom. The group is facilitated by Cheryl Martin. The aim of the Queer Black Book Club is to read literature that relates to our identities, meet new people and come together in a space that is designed just for us. It will be fun, relaxed and informative and members will be encouraged to express their thoughts on literature and life. To join, email cheryl@cultureword.org.uk or visit our Facebook page and request membership. Visit Cultureword’s website to find out more about the Queer Black Book Club.

Ongoing: Voice Contributors – Write for Voice Magazine. Featuring the latest news and reviews, we’re passionate about supporting young people to have their say. Voice hosts a wide range of perspectives from the next generation, from writing and videos to photos and podcasts. Our aim is to bring you contemporary, thoughtful and provocative pieces for young people aged 16-30. We believe arts, culture, politics and tech are all interconnected, and we explore those connections through interviews, features and comment pieces. Our team interview leading cultural players such as choreographer Akram Khan, comedian and actor Dane Baptiste, singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan, comedian Tim Vine, Ed Sheeran’s vocal coach Georgia Train, and flagship cultural institutions such as the BBC and the Crafts Council. At Voice, we cultivate a national network of young journalists and commentators. Our reporters cover major festivals like Edinburgh Fringe, UK City of Culture, and Brighton Fringe where Voice is the Youth Media Partner. We run regular workshops with guest speakers, such as Mozilla Festival House at the Royal Society of Arts with online vlogger and VICE Political Correspondent Rants N Bants.
We are currently recruiting for new Voice Contributors to join the team. If you have a passion for art, culture, politics or technology, and have strong opinions that you want the world to hear, then you should consider applying! Being a Voice Contributor means that you get your work professionally edited, allowing you to build up a portfolio to show off. You also get access to press tickets and the can help shape the editorial direction of the magazine. The Voice Contributor programme runs for a minimum of 10 months, and there are opportunities to pitch for paid commissions later on. Visit Voice Magazine’s website to find out more about the Voice Contributor programme and access the details on how to apply.

Ongoing: An Introduction to Screenwriting – free online course. Screenplays form the starting point for most dramatic films, the essential work from which all other filmmaking flows. All of the tender romance, terrifying action and memorable lines begin at the screenwriter’s desk. The University of East Anglia’s School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing have built this course with instructors and recent alumni from their course in Creative Writing. You’ll learn from a mixture of basic theory, script analysis and practical exercises. You will explore key principles as they’re expressed in great films, then immediately apply these concepts. Videos, articles and discussion steps will offer you the opportunity to learn and engage with other learners on key concepts and ideas. This free online course is now open to join at any time. Visit the FutureLearn website to book your free place on the free Introduction to Screenwriting course.

Ongoing: TYPE! Micro Plays. TYPE! is a new, free bookmark magazine championing bold new writing. It is looking for short/micro plays or screenplays to feature in the next edition. Do you have a playlet or flash screenplay you would like to share? Send in your script (2-5 minutes in length), a brief bio and contact details via the TYPE! submissions page, which also contains guidance for other work you may be interested in sharing. It is free to submit, and as TYPE! is free to read, it cannot pay for submissions or chosen work but it will work with writers to promote the piece and their other writing. TYPE! also requires written confirmation that submissions are original work. Submission carries no guarantee of inclusion or feedback. Visit the TYPE! website to submit your Micro Play.

Ongoing: Bitter Pill Theatre – The Painkiller Project. The Painkiller Project is a playwriting project that runs every other month from Bitter Pill Theatre with a £250 prize for each winning play. The winning play will be produced and released on The Painkiller Podcast. ​They hope that the repetitive nature of the competition helps to make the project feel collaborative and cyclical – like theatre. So far their plays have been performed by actors including Tamsin Greig, Miriam Margolyes, Toby Jones, Noma Dumezweni, Jason Watkins and Jessica Barden. Guidelines:
● They are looking for short plays. Scripts should be 500 – 1500 words long
● Plays should be written for 1 or 2 actors only
● There is no age limit on entrants
● They are also looking for a short (maximum 50 word) synopsis and the writer’s dream casting
● 1 Play will be selected in each window
For full information on how to submit your play, visit the Bitter Pill’s website.

Ongoing: AZ Mag are looking for QTIBPOC writers to pitch their story. Whether it’s a piece exploring Culture & News, Music, Arts and Fashion, they want to hear from you – note that you can still pitch to us even if your topic doesn’t fit into one of these categories. We are looking for insightful topics related to being QTIBPoC or being Black/PoC so please ensure that you look through the website thoroughly and do not pitch topics that have already been covered. Your pitch should be no longer than 300 words. Please explain why it is an important subject that should be covered and how it would be suitable for AZ Mag’s readership. Where possible please send us examples of your previous work or a link to your blog. We’d also like to know who you are so a short bio and links to your social media accounts should be included. If no one from the AZ Mag team contacts you within 6 weeks, your pitch has been unsuccessful. Visit the AZ Magazine website to submit your writing (where possible include examples of your previous work or a link to your blog).


FUNDING Deadlines Dec. 2nd, Feb. 3rd, and Mar. 3rd (noon): Leeds Inspired Small Grants. They accept applications for arts projects grants of between £100 and £1200. Leeds Inspired small grants are available to fund arts projects and events which bring the city alive and make Leeds a great place to live and work. Applications to the Small Grant Scheme should fund new activity, kick start new elements to existing activity or assist projects in reaching a new or wider audience. We aim to let you know the outcome of your application within 2-3 weeks. Projects must allow adequate planning and preparation time after receiving a grant decision before activity begins so apply with lots of lead in time. Applications are welcome for non-profit making projects or events that work with artists:
• Individuals (you will need to demonstrate your previous experience of running similar
projects and budgets)
• Arts organisations
• Community or voluntary groups
• Commercial organisations who wish to run a non-profit arts project
• Groups of organisations (one will need to take the lead and have the main
responsibility for managing the application and any grant)
We fund activities which increase access to arts and enable people to take part fully and with greater confidence:
• Performances
• Exhibitions
• Participatory arts project work
• Arts workshops
• Events and arts education activities
• Research and Development
• Online arts based activity (remember, online content must be arts focused)
Visit the Leeds Inspired website to find out more about the small grants and to apply.

Event Sun. Dec. 5th (12pm – 4pm): Performing Arts Well-being Workshop. For ages 16 – 25, a free or pay as you feel event (any contributions will be donated to Mind, a mental health charity). Come join us for a day of creativity in spoken word and physical theatre. Both workshops are designed to benefit your well-being. All abilities and experience welcome and celebrated. To sign up complete the google form on our Facebook page (LegacyFutures) or email legacyfutures@hotmail.com. Location: DAZL (Dance Action Zone Leeds), Acre Road, Middleton Community Centre, LS10 4LF.

COMMISSION Deadline Dec. 5th (midnight): Breaking the News Exhibition at Leeds Central Library. The news has shaped the world we live in for centuries. We base our opinions, decisions and arguments on it. It influences the world around us – and the way we make sense of it. But what makes the news? Whose stories are told? Can it ever be objective?
As the news faces the existential threats of a post-truth, fake news world, we will examine its history and the vital role it still plays in our lives in our Breaking the News exhibition. Libraries across the UK, in partnership with the British Library, will be exploring their collections and telling the stories of their communities through newspapers and the media. Communities and events in Yorkshire have often been misrepresented in the national media and local voices do not always take centre stage. We are offering an opportunity to challenge this and create new work to complement our exhibition and programme.
We are looking for an artist to engage with, and be inspired by, our collections and bring them to new audiences. Our newspaper collection dates back to the 17th century and we have an extensive microfilm archive of important local newspapers such as the Leeds. Mercury, the Leeds Intelligencer, the Yorkshire Post and the Yorkshire Evening Post. We also hold a full collection of the Leeds Other Paper, an independent newspaper published between 1974 and 1994, as well as community newsletters and zines. The artist will have up to two days’ worth of librarian research support and unlimited access to library collections during the research phase.
The artwork will be a bold statement piece that represents newsworthy events from Yorkshire’s history up to the present day. The artwork will be part of an exhibition that will take place in Room 700, a multi-use arts space on the first floor of Leeds Central Library. The available wall space is approximately 6.4 x 2.5 metres and will be the main, focal point of the exhibition. The exhibition launch event will be high profile with guests including Fatima Manji from Channel 4 news. Fee: £1,500. Email Rhian.Isaac@leeds.gov.uk to request a copy of the Breaking the News commission brief.

DEADLINE Dec. 6th: iStock Inclusion Grant. Are you a budding photojournalist? Not been working for more than three years? From a Black, Asian or ethnically diverse background? If it’s yes to all three questions, then apply now for this life-changing financial grant… Getty Images and Creative Access are pleased to announce a new collaboration to award a $5,000 (£3,655) grant to an individual keen to pursue a career in photojournalism. Applicants need to submit their portfolio or examples of their work, along with a cover letter outlining the project they wish to be funded. This will be reviewed by a panel made up of members from Getty Images and Creative Access. Selection will be based on the judges’ determination of the applicant’s ability to execute the submitted project with a compelling commercial visual narrative based on either still images or video. The jury will consider the calibre of the portfolio, the project’s merit and the artist’s professional ability. The judges will also be assessing how the submitted projects draw attention to, and depict, underrepresented communities through their commercial photography work. Candidates will be judged on the strength of their photographic portfolios, and a demonstrated commitment to the field of visual journalism. To apply you’ll need to send a short bio and CV, portfolio/work samples, social media links and a project summary (200‑500‑word summary of the proposed project and an explanation as to how the project will draw attention to, and depict, underrepresented communities through their commercial photography work). Visit the Creative Access website to find out more about the iStock Inclusion Grant.

DEADLINE Mon. Dec. 6th (9am): AA2A placements for Artists and Illustrators by Huddersfield University. Placements on the University’s ‘Artists Access to Art Colleges’ scheme allows artists to realise a project using Huddersfield University’s facilities. The University will be hosting three placements running from January to June 2022, one of which will be for an Illustrator. A snapshot of the facilities available: Printmaking / Printing (digital, screen, Riso, booklet printing, binding equipment), Textiles (weave, knit, print, dye, embroidery, rug tufting), 3D construction (wood, ceramics, laser-cutter, 3D printing, spray booths), Moving image / Photography (studios, motion capture, virtual reality analogue and digital cameras, Black Magic film cameras) Painting, Drawing, Library, Lecture programme. Eligibility: Applicants must have at least one year’s professional practice and be able to work with minimal technical support. Only MA / PhD students can apply directly after graduation. AA2A particularly welcomes applications from artists with disabilities, from culturally diverse backgrounds and non-graduates.
The University expect to be able to offer at least 100 hours access between mid Jan and June 2022. In exchange for access to facilities, AA2A artists are asked to propose ways in which their presence will benefit students e.g. technical demonstrations or talks about their work. Artists would not be asked to do this more than 3 times during their placement. Each Artist will have webpages on AA2A’s website to document their project. AA2A has an Artists Support Fund to cover travel, childcare and some materials costs (up to £350 for artists on benefits, and £250 if income is below £12,000 a year). This fund also includes a disabilities budget. Visit AA2A’s website to apply for the placement. You can also visit AA2A’s website to view more information about the application process.

DEADLINE Mon. Dec. 13th (5pm): A Retreat for artists by artists – You Can Be My Wingman by Action Hero. You Can Be My Wingman is a week-long, hosted retreat for performance makers of all kinds. The retreat is an open-ended, non-pressurised space for mid-career artists to explore new collaborative processes in a supported and friendly environment. You Can Be My Wingman isn’t a residency or a workshop. Instead of being ‘productive’ time, the retreat is intended to be restful and nourishing to your practice. You Can Be My Wingman will run from Saturday 12h February – Friday 18th February 2022 at Dartington Hall in Totnes (South Devon), and artists who wish to join the retreat are invited to apply, together with a proposed collaborator, to spend a week exploring an area of mutual interest. The retreat is aimed at facilitating new collaborations between artists who may know each others’ work and practice, but who have never worked together before. If you and another artist have always wanted to work together, or you’ve discussed a collaboration before but have never found the time, then You Can Be My Wingman is for you.
Who can apply: Artists who make performance, live art, dance, movement, theatre, social practice and other artists/practitioners whose work deals with the live moment are all welcome to apply. We are looking for artists who are mid-career, and who have an established practice. We are primarily interested in artists making new work, but this does not exclude people who might define themselves as writers if they are exploring experimental approaches to text in performance, or directors who are working with non-traditional forms. We encourage applications from artists of all backgrounds, and are particularly interested to hear from people based in the South West (although there are 10 slot avaiable on the retreat). The following will be provided:
● Accommodation at Dartington Hall and all meals
●  Travel within the UK
● Studio space
● Mentoring and support from Britt Hatzius
● A friendly, restful and welcoming environment
Visit Art Council England’s website to find out more about the Retreat and to apply.

SUMBISSION DEADLINE Fri. Dec. 17th: Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2022. The Royal Society of British Artists invites painters, sculptors and printmakers to submit their work for consideration to be shown in the Society’s Annual Exhibition 2022. As well as skill and draughtsmanship, they will be looking for originality and creativity. The exhibition offers several prizes and awards, worth over £5,000, open to all participating artists. It presents the opportunity to exhibit your work at a prestigious London gallery alongside well-established artists and have your work seen by thousands of visitors, including buyers and collectors. Visit the Mall Galleries website to find out more about the exhibition and to submit your work.

COMMISSION DEADLINE Dec. 24th (5pm): Artist Call Out by Amal. We are calling on artists with strong connections to and understanding of the Muslim communities across Bradford or Birmingham to submit proposals to deliver one-off creative, participatory workshops from February 2022 onwards. The aim of these workshops is to provide exposure to creative activity, helping community groups to visualise their creative potential. This is part of Amal’s wider Amal Connects programme which will launch shortly. Amal Connects works to create a narrative shift around Muslim representation in the UK – how others view Muslims and how Muslim’s perceive themselves – through creative projects co-created by community groups with artists and arts organisations. We envisage that these workshops will take place in person but are open to suggestions for online activity. All art forms are welcome. Artists do not need to have access to specific community groups – Amal can make these connections if required. If there is a particular community or demographic you would like to serve, you can include this information in your application. Deliverables:
• Creative participatory workshop – must be accessible to beginners/no experience required, any art form
• 60-90mins session are suggested
• We envisage each workshop being delivered twice (to two different groups), but we are open to working with artists around what is possible
• Each session to include feedback and a co-evaluation element which we can help design
Fee: The fee for these commissions will be £250. This is for two 60-90 minute sessions and includes planning time. Visit Amal’s website to find out more about the Artist Call Out.

SUBMISSION AND AWARD deadline Jan. 3rd (5pm, free to enter): Call for Early Career Makers – Rising Stars 2022. Rising Stars is a curated, national platform to foster and champion new talent, early career makers, students and graduates from BA and MA crafts, design, and applied arts programmes across the UK. Rising Stars offers new makers a first step into the market place, through a curated, selling exhibition. The programme will consist of the Rising Stars exhibition at New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, that enables new makers to access the market place and collectors; professional development including knowledge transfer on topics such as pricing guidance, advice on marketing your work and how to gain and manage new connections, and a catalogue to act as a promotional tool for the selected makers. Every year, we select 20-25 makers for the exhibition. This is a selling showcase, therefore the opportunity is for artists and makers looking to work with galleries in the future (the gallery takes a commission of 50% for any sold artwork). Visit New Ashgate’s website to find out more about Rising Stars and to apply.

FUNDING applications opening Summer 2022: Young Change Makers Fellowship Programme by Virgin. This is a call to young people who are working to change their community for the better. In our communities, there are many social issues that seem impossible to fix and often they don’t get the focus or funding they deserve. Through our work, we’ve met young people with the talent and drive to tackle these issues head on. Their thinking is clear and their passion for social change is obvious. We want to provide funding, mentoring and leadership development to young people who have the potential to change society for the better starting in their local community; the places and spaces they call home. If that sounds like you, we’d love to help you make a difference. Eligibility: You must be between age 18-25, live in the North East, North West, or Yorkshire and the Humber, and be passionate about growing your idea and developing your skills as a change maker. Tell us about the issue in your community you want to change and what you’ve done so far to start that journey. If you’re accepted onto the Programme, you will:
● Get a grant of up to £10,000, paid monthly over a period of six months. This will give you the time to develop and launch your idea.
● Get a travel bursary to cover the cost of up to four weeks travel to research other community driven projects like yours. This can be in the UK or abroad.
● Access a supportive peer group of exceptional young people committed to creating change.
● Have a mentor to help you develop as a leader.
● Meet social entrepreneurs who’ve created successful initiatives that drive change.
● Be introduced to other organisations who can help you after you’ve completed this programme.
● Help us to choose the next group of young people to join this programme.
Visit Virgin’s website to find out more about the Young Change Makers Fellowship Programme, and to start planning your application before the next round opens.

Ongoing FUNDING: Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP) by Arts Council England (ACE). The fund supports creative practitioners thinking of taking their practice to the next stage to research, have time to create new work, travel, training, develop ideas, network or find mentoring. Funding activity: Research and development opportunities, building new networks, creating new work. Grant range: £2,000 – £10,000. Eligibility: Individual artists and/or creative practitioners. You can find full eligibility criteria in the guidance for applicants. The fund supports the following artforms: Music, Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts, Literature, Combined Arts, and Museum Practice. To find out more about the DYCP fund and to apply, visit the ACE website.

Ongoing FUNDING: Prince’s Trust Development Awards. Age 16 – 30 and from West Yorkshire? The Prince’s Trust have funding of £175 – £250 available to help you make the next steps into work, education or training. You are eligible if you are studying less than 14 hours a week or not in compulsory education, unemployed, or working less than 16 hours a week.  Development Awards can support:
● Accredited course fees up to Level 3 (A-level equivalent)
● Tools, equipment or uniforms for a job or qualification
● Job licence fees
● Transport to a new job until your first pay slip
To find out more about the Development Awards visit the Prince’s Trust website.

Ongoing FUNDING: The Leeds Fund – Micro Grants. The Micro Grants support individuals and small, un-constituted voluntary groups to improve the lives of the people in their communities through volunteer-led activities that aim to make a positive difference. Who can apply: Individual people who are active in the community (sometimes called social entrepreneurs) or un-incorporated and un-constituted groups with income of under £2,500 in the past 12 months or who are new to funding. Priority will be given to individuals and the above un-incorporated and un-constituted groups who work in more deprived communities or have new and innovative ideas to improve the lives of local people. We can only accept one application per individual/informal group during each calendar year. To be considered for funding your activity needs to:
● Be community led i.e. local people are involved and support the idea.
● Make good use of local resources such as volunteers or community spaces.
● Be open to different people from the community and have a clear community benefit.
● Be based in Leeds and benefit residents of Leeds. Evidence consideration of safeguarding if working with children and/ or vulnerable adults. Grants of up to £500 will be awarded (which can be used to part fund activities). We can fund a wide range of items including volunteer expenses, publicity costs, equipment, room hire, materials for activities, etc. Visit the Leeds Community Foundation to find out more about the types of activities you can run using the Mirco Grant and to apply.

Ongoing FUNDING: GUAP x Dr. Martens – GUAP Fund. The GUAP Fund is back! For the first release of the year, they’ve teamed up with Dr Martens to support aspiring graphic designers and illustrators who could use some extra support towards training, equipment, software and more. They’ll be selecting 3 talented creatives to be granted £300 each over the next three weeks! Applicants must be able to demonstrate they are in need of financial support and have been actively creating. Visit the Monday Forms website to apply for the GUAP Fund.

Ongoing FUNDING: Grand Plan Fund. We’re a new charity offering three £1,000 grants a month for people of colour based in the UK who want to make a new creative project. It can be anything: poetry, paintings, fashion, zines, music, food, flowers, photographs — whatever you want. Here are the basics: We want to help you to get your idea for a creative project off the ground. We’re supporting artists and creatives who identify as people of colour and are based in the UK. You need to be at least eighteen years old. There’s no maximum age. Your project doesn’t need to cost exactly £1,000 but we’re not looking to part-fund projects which cost much more than £1,000 to realise. Applications are assessed by an independent panel of judges, and we’ll award three grants a month. We hope to increase this number over time. The only two things we ask if you’re successful are:
1. We’d love to see your realised project and share it on our platforms. But no deadlines or fixed expectations from us.
2. Please credit us if and when you share your project publicly. This will mean more people can find us.
Follow Grand Plan on social media for updates about the fund. To apply for the fund, visit the Grand Plan website.

Ongoing FUNDING: F*ck Being Humble Fund. F*ck Being Humble has launched a 12 month partnership with Yellow Zine offering funding, regular free Q&As and discounted products to support creatives from the African, Caribbean and Asian diaspora. Over the next year, F*ck Being Humble will donate £100 each month to a creator from the Yellow community to support them to pursue, launch or action their own ideas and passion projects. For a chance to win all you have to do is fill out a form. Visit the Yellow Zine website to apply for the F*ck Being Humble Fund.

Ongoing FUNDING / various deadlines: Apply for £3,000 through the Leeds City College Arts Fund. Arts Fund aims to facilitate the career development of emerging creative practitioners by providing funding for significant work in the early years of their careers, when self-funding projects is often a barrier to creating new work. We are particularly interested in applicants who have not received national funding. The Arts Fund aims to support creative practitioners working across the full spectrum of disciplines including visual arts, theatre, film, dance, music, literature, and digital media. Arts Fund supports projects that will engage Leeds City College stakeholders. The works created should involve Leeds City College students either in the production or display of the work, or engage them within the creative process. The project should engage an audience, which could include Leeds City College staff and students, the local, regional, and national arts community, and members of the public. We expect a visual record to be created in order to archive Arts Fund projects, and presented at Quarry Hill Campus as a legacy to the Arts Fund. This could be in the form of photography, video, object, or other visual content. Visit Leeds City College’s website to find out more about the Arts Fund and to check when applications next reopen.

Ongoing FUNDING: National Lottery Funding. They fund projects in Arts, Sport, Heritage, Charity, Voluntary, Health, Education & Environmental Sectors. Every project makes a real difference to lives and communities across the UK. Visit the National Lottery website to find out about their current funding opportunities.

Ongoing: Tech Group by Chapel FM. For ages 18 and over. Chapel FM will be reopening its doors for volunteering opportunities. This fantastic group has been running for several years now in one form or another with lots of great people in the local community getting involved and making everything we do possible such as operating a radio, cameras and lighting desk for many of our broadcasts and events, but now we have a much larger building we are looking to expand with more volunteering opportunities. The Tech group meets once a month on usually the first Monday of every month to talk about what volunteering opportunities are coming up and what new things we can learn. We have have expanded the scope of the group with an even more advance group with more training opportunities for those who wish to take that leap. Dates: First Monday of the month 7 – 9pm, with an additional monthly session for more advance training and weekly volunteering opportunities. Visit Chapel FM’s website to register your interest in the Tech Group.

Ongoing: Call for Artist Submissions – Exhibition Space at The Old Red Bus Station. Are you a creative student or a graduate who is looking to expand your practice and create great connections within the city? The Old Red Bus Station is excited to offer the opportunity for young creatives/print-makers/photographers to exhibit work at their popular venue in Leeds City Centre. The Old Red Bus Station is an industrial-chic bar and live-music venue with multiple dance floors and a vegan comfort-food menu. We are looking to support young up and coming artists and help them gain exposure within the city. We have the capacity to exhibit framed work and canvas/board paintings. The first exhibition starts on 16th November and exhibitions run every 3 weeks from then. It is free to exhibit but there will be a selection process. You will be able to have your own opening night / view and there is also an opportunity to sell works at the exhibition and through the Old Red Bus Station estore. We take 22.5% commission on all purchases. Visit Curatorspace to submit your work to the exhibition.

Ongoing events (free, no booking required): Drop in & Draw at the Drawing Room. Location: Art Library, Leeds Central Library. Dates: weekly on Thursdays during term time, 12pm – 1pm. Bring your sketchbook and come along to a relaxing hour of drawing in the beautiful Drawing Room. Art books are available for inspiration and to borrow for free. There will also be props and a weekly theme. This is an untutored session some materials are provided but you are welcome to bring your own or purchase from the Art Library.

Ongoing events (free): Craft Group, Reboot! Location: Drawing Room, Art Library, Leeds Central Library. Dates: weekly on Tuesdays from Sep. 14th 1:30-4:00 pm, until December 14th. Enjoy a cupper and catch up with friends or come for the first time and see what you can learn this autumn in our friendly, weekly group and enjoy some traditional crafts such as rag rugging, crochet, knitting and more. Discover online resources such as Libby as well as the many arts and crafts books and magazines we have, to support your learning. Donations may be required for refreshments and materials for regular sessions.

Ongoing events (Pay as You Feel): crAFTERworkshop in the Drawing Room at Leeds Central Library. Decompress and chill in the Drawing Room with your unfinished project or your next crafting adventure! Get help from others, delve into the inspirational Art Library books and resources. Start something new , share a skill or simply find a space to get on with your craft and listen to a great playlist! Pay as you feel to gain access to sewing machines , overlocker and hot drinks. Also there will be wine, for sale! We accept cash card / contactless. We’ll meet (after work) on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month 5pm – 7pm. These sessions are for ages 16 and over, and the sessions are unstructured. Visit TicketSource to book your place on the crAFTERworkshop(s).

Ongoing events (free): Virtual Sketch Club by University of Leeds. Every Friday 12:30 – 3:30 via Twitter and Instagram. Join us on Twitter and Instagram each week as we post a different “Friday Focus”, pull up your chair and enjoy looking at works you may never have noticed before. Need some help to get going? Visit the University of Leeds website for drawing tips and warm-up exercises, available to download for free.

Ongoing: Artists to Watch 2021 by Art Connect Magazine. The Magazine features artists, interviews and resources. Get insight into the work of exciting contemporary artists, tips, ans inspiration. Every month we work together with 3 international curators to seek out exceptional artistic talents from around the world who will become ArtConnect Artists to Watch for 2021. Take part in our open call for Artists to Watch for the chance to win exciting prizes that are sure to get you noticed. Awards: winners take center stage on ArtConnect with features on our platform, social media, newsletter, and more!
● Front Page Promotion: Your art will be the first thing people see when they visit ArtConnect for a whole week. Nearly 100,000 visitors a month means a lot of new people just waiting to discover your art.
● Solo Magazine Feature: Stand out with a solo feature in ArtConnect Magazine, a dedicated page that prominently displays your work along with a short interview to let the world know who you are.
● Curatorial Review: If selected, one of our exciting international guest curators will provide a short review of your work and share their take on what made you stand out from the crowd.
● Social Media: We share each of the winning artists on our Instagram to instantly reach tens of thousands of followers who appreciate art
● Dedicated Newsletter: Winners are announced in a dedicated newsletter that gets sent directly to the inbox of more than 25,000 art professionals and enthusiastic art lovers worldwide.
● Apply early and stand out: Featured submissions – apply early for a chance to get featured in a weekly selection on the front page of our website and our Instagram stories.
Visit the Art Connect website to submit your work to be featured in the magazine.

Ongoing: Future Goals Free Digital Courses (online). Boost your skills during lock-down through a range of free courses. Leeds Trinity University, West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges and Go Train are currently offering free online courses, perfect for those who have been furloughed or are looking for a new project whilst at home. There are also courses now available from September which will be held in the classroom. You will receive one to one support from local tutors and industry professionals. Flexible to your needs, courses are delivered in the evenings or at weekends in most cases. You are eligible to join a course if you are over the age of 18, employed, furloughed, at risk of, or facing redundancy and live in Bradford, Calderdale, Craven, Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds, Selby, Wakefield or York. Please note: Individuals may undertake multiple courses however only one course can be fully funded (free). Any subsequent courses will be charged at full cost. Visit the Future Goals website to browse the digital courses available and to sign up to one for free.

Ongoing from Oct. 5th 2021: Collective by the High Rise Project. Collective is a new community coworking space by The Highrise Project. It’s a space for people to be creative in a supportive environment. To work on a project or take part in a class – come on your own or with a group. We can supply basic art materials or you can bring your own. We can also provide creativity prompts if you need a little help getting started. Space is available on a free or PAYF basis. Tea and coffee is provided. Armley Community Hub, 2 Stocks Hill, Leeds, LS12 1QU. Open every Tuesday, 10am – 4pm from 5th October 2021. Visit the High Rise Project’s website to find out more about the Collective community coworking space.

Ongoing / various deadlines: Submit to the MASS. The MASS is a monthly online collection of discursive art, articles, opinions, prompts, thoughts, and questions, gathered in response to global issues. Released on the last day of each month, the MASS aims to provide a space for reflection, criticism, and a platform for art as activism the Mass is a non-monetised publication (we are not down with the capitalist agenda), and is free to access by all. Everyone is welcome to submit to the MASS: artists, thinkers, writers, worriers – people with opinions prepared to be critical. All we ask that submissions are offered in a spirit of openness. Our open calls are live, all submission dates are 5 days before the end of the month by midnight. We accept all types of work (text, audio, video, visual, ephemeral, surprise us). Visit the MASS website to find out more about submitting your work.

Ongoing: Leeds Adult Acting Classes by ActUpNorth. We’ve revolutionised the tired method of actor training and are now the first port of call for those looking for Adult Acting Classes in Leeds, Yorkshire and the North East. Students travel from as far as Newcastle and Hull to attend our weekly classes in Leeds.
All of our students follow a carefully devised training programme where they are regularly observed and have the chance to work with industry professionals including Casting Directors, Agents, Producers and Directors.
Workshops will cover a range of mediums and techniques with a focus on acting for screen. Most sessions will involve working on TV scripts from current or recent TV productions. In addition, students will get to work on screen using our HD Cameras and view their work back. We feel this is a useful tool and helps the student identify areas for future improvement. Our students in Leeds have had great success locally, nationally and internationally.
Each term is made up of 12-16 weeks and is further broken down into 3 modules, each module lasting around 4 weeks. Therefore it may be possible to join the programme at various times throughout the year. The minimum commitment to study with us is one term. If accepted onto the programme you will be invited to join a 1 x 2 hour class per week. Fees: classes are charged at £18 per 2 hour class and include the costs of all the additional guest tutor classes. Fees are payable 4 weekly in advance at £72. Discounts are available when paying for the entire term up front. Visit ActUpNorth’s website to find out more about their Adult Acting Classes.

Ongoing: Free resources from Bradford Producing Hub. Visit Bradford Producing Hub’s website to access free resources including: Online Training, Budgets, Working Outdoors, Applying for Funding, Risk Assessment, Health and Safety, Reports and Research. There are also free online workshops available relating to dance, poetry, and theatre.

Ongoing: Leeds 2023 Our International Culture Festival. Leeds has the talent, the desire and the means to become a global destination. That’s why in 2016 we made a bid to become European Capital of Culture before Brexit halted our progress. Uniquely, Leeds took a deep breath and said ‘we’re going to do it anyway’. The programme for Leeds 2023 will shine a light on our people and their remarkable experiences of culture in and around our great city. 2023 are looking for ideas, opinions, support and participation. If you live and work here this is your Leeds 2023. Visit the Leeds 2023 website to find out more about the Festival and how you can get involved.

Ongoing events Thursdays 12pm – 2pm: Drawing Room: Virtual Drop in and Draw by Leeds Libraries (free). We miss our Drawing Room, but we can still inspire you with collections, explore media and share your art. Join Leeds Central Library’s Drawing Room on Instagram or Facebook at noon to see a beautiful image from the Leeds Central Library Collections. We will then invite you to respond in whatever medium you choose and share online.

Ongoing: Arts Soup small grants. Open Source Arts is offering new support to the local creative community. An Arts Soup is a democratic micro-grant scheme. Whereby you as the audience choose between 4 different artist’s pitches at a live event. The winner then goes home with a pot of cash collected through the ticket sales to help them realise their project. Visit the Open Source Arts website to check applications are currently open, and to pitch your idea for a small grant to help you create your art project.

Ongoing – Arts Admin: They usually offer bursaries throughout the year (although they are currently suspended for Covid-19. They do a great email summary of all available funding. Visit Arts Admin to sign up to their E-Digest.

Ongoing – ArtsHub: Visit ArtsHub to find out about open call exhibitions, commissions, competitions etc. 

Ongoing – Curatorspace: Free website. Visit Curatorspace to find out about opportunities, open call exhibitions, artist funding etc. Paid opportunities are indicated with a green button.


Note: Email jobshops@leeds.gov.uk to request support with job searching, applications, CV’s & interview preparation. For ideas on where to find music related jobsFor ideas on where to find film/TV related jobs

DEADLINE not specified: Marketing & Events Assistant for MINT. Hours: part time. Salary: depends on experience. Spanning over 20 years of events, MINT has played a vital role in the popular culture of Leeds and beyond. We have creative worldwide known brands and had millions of attendees at our events throughout our tenure. We are looking for an individual with a passion for marketing & events and a keen interest in electronic music. You will implement social media marketing across the Mint brand including as well as assisting in events management at both the club and festival space. You’ll need to be passionate about music with a love for music events. You’ll need to be proactive, and be used to working well under pressure in a fast paced office where you will need to be quick to react. Our events mainly operate on the weekends. This is an amazing opportunity for an ambitious individual working alongside a team that delivers some of the biggest and most innovative festivals in the country. To apply you’ll need a minimum of 2 years work experience working within music events and club nights, and a solid knowledge of electronic music and nightlife. You’ll also need leadership skills with the ability to set and prioritise goals and people management experience. In addition you’ll have excellent social media skills. Visit Google Docs to find out more about the Marketing & Events Assistant role and to apply.

DEADLINE Nov. 29th (5pm): Marketing Assistant for the National Coal Mining Museum. The Museum, located between Wakefield and Huddersfield, is looking for a creative marketer to join the small marketing team. The post holder will work to increase the awareness of the museum and everything it has to offer with a view to increasing footfall, generating income and building brand love. Salary: £20,000 per annum. Contract: Permanent. Working early mornings, evenings and weekends is required on occasion with this role. The desired candidate will be educated to degree level or equivalent experience demonstrating report writing, analysis and critical thinking. They will also have knowledge and experience of:
• Website content management systems
• Social Media platforms
• Writing effective and engaging copy for different audiences
• Basic video recording and editing
• Basic photography
• Basic design using Adobe or Canva
• Monitoring and responding to digital analytics
Visit the National Coal Mining Museum’s website to find out more about the Marketing Assistant role and to apply.

DEADLINE Nov. 30th: Film & Television Teacher for Pauline Quirke Academy (York). Free on Saturdays? Experienced in Film & TV? Love working with kids? We’re looking for a local filmmaker to work with our students at our Academy in York on Saturdays, shooting and editing short films. Working with children from 6 to 18 years creating material that can ultimately be screened in a local cinema, as well as entered into film festivals. You need to be technically capable with DSLR cameras, sound recording and editing and have an interest in short film production. An enhanced DBS check will be required (we will arrange). We offer a competitive rate of pay and full training to all our teachers. Please submit a cover letter, CV and a link to a short film project you have been involved in to james@pqacademy.com.

DEADLINE Nov. 30th: Festival Assistant for Ryedale Festival. The Ryedale Festival is one of the UK’s most exciting and fast-growing classical music festivals. This newly created position is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic candidate to play an important role in an exciting and fast-growing classical music festival. The Festival Assistant will work in a supporting role to the General Manager and be involved in a wide variety of activities from festival administration to event management, artist liaison to website development. The ideal candidate will be resourceful and organised with great attention to detail. They will be flexible and enjoy variety, with strong people skills to build great relationships with the festival’s many stakeholders. The role has considerable development potential and would suit a recent graduate (or equivalent) who wants to develop a career in the arts and build a broad skillset. This is a permanent position and is expected to be full-time, but part-time applications will be considered. The salary range is from £20,000 – £22,000 FTE, based on suitability and experience. Visit the Arts Professional website to find out more about the Festival Assistant role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 1st: Volunteer roles (unpaid) for Young Musicians for Social Justice (Leeds). Are you aged 18-25 and passionate about social justice? We have three opportunities available for creative and business-minded individuals to join our friendly student team. We are a voluntary-run society, therefore we are only able to advertise voluntary opportunities at the moment. The positions we are advertising for are: Digital Marketing Coordinator, Business & Finance Officer and Funding/Grants Officer. Most of our work can be done remotely, and the hours are flexible. To find out more about the roles visit the Young Musicians for Social Justice website.

DEADLINE Dec. 1st: Learning Programme Coordinator for Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). Contract: full time / permanent. Salary: £20,440 per annum. Do you enjoy working with a range of people? Are you passionate about enabling people to learn more about art? Our learning team is looking for a Learning Programme Coordinator. This role will help to support the YSP Learning Department in the planning, organisation and delivery of the Learning programme. The team works to ensure all activities are socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually inclusive. This role will oversee the administration and coordination of the Learning programme sessions and bookings for formal and informal audiences, including events, workshops, and income generation activity. This role will also contribute creatively to the development of the wider Learning offer, supporting the Learning team in coordinating resources, workshop materials and promotional materials and supporting the delivery of activity. The role will function as a key point of contact for joint events programming with the Curatorial team.
You should have an interest in working with diverse audiences which include schools, colleges, teaching staff, community artists, family audiences, young people, adult learners and volunteers. Joining the Learning Team at YSP you will be involved in coordinating and administering activities for families, school and college students and community groups, numbering over 40,000 each year. Excellent organisational skills, attention to detail, the ability to prioritise workloads together with excellent communication skills with a can-do attitude is essential. An interest in learning about contemporary art, artistic processes, art education, community engagement and creative approaches for learning would also be beneficial. An enthusiasm for working collaboratively as part of this team is key. To apply you’ll need experience of collating and sharing data and statistics and reporting. You’ll also need experience in handling budgets, invoices and financial processes. We are looking for someone who has experience of administration work with a variety of learning audiences from diverse backgrounds within a gallery/museum/heritage setting. Visit YSP’s website to find out more about the Learning Programme Coordinator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 1st: Various roles available for a BBC Drama Series. A BBC Drama Series is being filmed in Manchester and the Production Team are looking for Junior Crew. The start date is in the end of January 2022 and the shoot is due to last 8 weeks. Roles available:
● COVID Marshalls
● Production Assistants
● Production Runners
● Hair & Make-Up Assistants
● Costume Assistants
● Camera Assistants
● Floor Runners
● Art Department Assistants
Visit My First Job in Film’s website to find out more about the roles available (you may need to pay for an account to access further information).

DEADLINE Dec. 1st: Community and Learning Project Officer for West Yorkshire Print Workshop. Hours: 15 hours per week until 31 October 2022. Pay: £11.03 per hour. This is an exciting opportunity to join the friendly team at a busy print workshop and to make a real difference to widening access to print and deepening our connections with people in Kirklees. The role will take a lead on developing a formal and informal learning opportunities and co-ordinating print tutors, artists and volunteers to deliver a vibrant and accessible programme to introduce people to, and deepen audience connection with print. West Yorkshire Print Workshop is the largest open access print facility in Yorkshire and runs a busy programme of exhibitions, events, courses and activities. WYPW is also home to artist studios and has a print fellowship scheme and volunteering and placement opportunities. We are an Art Council England National Portfolio Organisation. We are particularly interested in diversifying the printmaking community. Disabled people, those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds and people under 30 are under-represented in our workforce so we particularly encourage applications from people in these groups. To apply you’ll need to have a working knowledge of printmaking or be willing to learn quickly. Visit the West Yorkshire Print Workshop to find out more about the Community and Learning Project Officer role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 3rd (6pm): Artist Support Intern for Saltaire Inspired Ltd. Saltaire Inspired is a community arts charity, delivering quality contemporary art experiences in unusual settings. Saltaire Arts Trail is a free event that takes place on the early May bank holiday weekend. It offers an exciting visual arts programme, celebrating the village’s rich heritage and offering opportunities to both emerging and established artists. The Arts Trail prides itself in reaching out to new audiences and making art accessible by using imaginative venues – the internationally recognised Salts Mill, public buildings, the homes of Saltaire residents and outdoor spaces around Saltaire – to display visual art outside of traditional settings. It includes exhibitions, new commissions as well as a programme of learning opportunities and activities.
The role of Artist Support intern will assist the Artist Coordinator, Events Coordinator and Marketing Manager in delivering the artistic programme during the Saltaire Arts Trail in May 2022. The role will be for a total of 36 days over 5-months, paid at £10 per hour (depending on role holder’s location, additional travel subsidiaries may be available). The number of days per week will be variable and negotiable subject to the needs of the programme. As there is no central office for the organisation, home working will be required under the direction of the Saltaire Inspired team as well as attendance at occasional meetings in Saltaire. Some evening work may be necessary during the Saltaire Arts Trail itself.
The role is offered to recent arts graduates who are looking for their first experience in arts administration and programming. Ideally they will be based in the immediate locality or within easy travel range of Saltaire. To apply you’ll need your own computer. Practical skills in hanging and displaying a range of artworks are essential, and experience of photo-editing software is desirable. Visit Arts Council England’s website to find out more about the Artist Support Intern role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 3rd: Ensemble Performer for Displace Yourself Theatre. Displace Yourself are an ensemble of theatre makers, musicians, visual artists and therapeutic practitioners with over a decade of experience of touring shows in the UK and internationally. We are about to go into development for our new show Inner Circle and we are looking to invite up to two new freelance performers to join our company as a devising performer. Inner Circle is a seductive celebration of all of us misfits, our queerness and our underrated ordinariness. Telling the story of a group of outcasts, mischief makers and agitators who have banded together to challenge the social, cultural and political values of the new order. We would love to hear from performers who are confident to express through their body, can sing or play a musical instrument or percussion. It is desirable that performers will be based in Yorkshire, although not essential.
The audition will be a playful, uplifting physical theatre workshop with our co-artistic directors Jen Nevin and Mike Auger in Kala Sangam in Bradford on Monday 13th December 3pm-5pm. If invited to join the ensemble for the new show, successful auditionees would be required for 3 weeks of rehearsals on the following dates and locations: Week commencing: 7th Feb, Bradford; 28th Feb Cornwall; 14th March Stockton-on-Tees. If you need support with travel costs please mention in your application and we will help where we can. Eligibility: We are interested in performers with at least 3 years professional experience (or 3 professional productions) in physical performance and applicants can be any age. This is an exciting role for someone that enjoys working in collaboration. The intention is that Inner Circle will go back into redevelopment later in 22/23. Salary / accomodation: £600 per week and £100 travel contribution. Accommodation provided for Stockton-on-Tees. Accommodation, travel and per diems for meals, provided for Cornwall. Visit Arts Council England’s website to find out more about the Ensemble Performer opportunity and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 6th: Project Coordinator (Sound and Vision) for Science Museum (Bradford). Salary: £10,500 – £12,500 per annum. Contract: fixed term for 36 months. Hours: 17.5 per week. Do you have project experience and the ability to proactively manage a busy workload? The Sound and Vision galleries will bring our world-class collections of photography, film, television and sound technologies to the forefront of the National Science and Media Museum. New galleries will highlight the significant contribution sound and visual technologies have had on the world, and a programme of activities developed alongside the galleries will raise aspirations, develop skills and increase digital confidence in young people. Sound & Vision’s galleries and activities will be a driving force in the regeneration of Bradford.
We are now recruiting for a Project Coordinator to join our Masterplan and Estate team to help us to achieve this transformation and create a world-class destination in Bradford. The role will be working on a 17.5 hours per week basis with a working pattern which can be agreed to suit the successful candidate. Our projects are delivered by people across the Museum, managed by a Client Project Manager. You will provide project support to the Client Project Manager, helping to deliver this complex gallery project. You will be providing day-to-day support to the Sound and Vision Project Management team, including arranging and minuting meetings, raising purchase orders, overseeing deliveries, drafting documents and responding to enquires. Joining us you will have an enthusiasm for the work of the National Science and Media Museum and the project’s aims. You will have demonstrable experience of project work coupled with the ability to proactively manage a busy workload. Crucially you will be a good communicator with strong interpersonal skills which will enable you to build strong working relationships with stakeholders across the project. Visit the Science Museums Group website to find out more about the Project Coordinator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 6th: Company Administrator for Mind the Gap. Mind the Gap (a disability performance and live arts company) is looking for someone to join its friendly and welcoming team as a Company Administrator. We are looking for someone who is good at organising, communicating and dealing with a wide range of different tasks. Working at our office base in Bradford, the Company Administrator is the first point of welcome for many visitors and callers. This job involves helping ensure the smooth-running of this busy arts art organisation by keeping calendars up to date, maintaining databases, assisting with project and marketing tasks.This includes creating emails and other communications, dealing with enquiries, arranging and booking accommodation and travel. The job also involves providing some administrative support for HR and financial processes, including capturing notes from meetings, maintaining records and checking budget information for accuracy. The successful candidate will enjoy working with people with different experiences and backgrounds, in a lively workspace where no two days are the same. Salary: £20k – £25k (pro rata). This is a permanent, part time role. Visit Mind the Gap’s website to find out more about the Company Administrator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 6th: Young People’s Officer (part-time) for Leeds Playhouse. Salary: £11,400 per year. Contract: Initially for one year, with potential to become a longer term permanent position dependent on funding. Hours: part-time (21 hours per week inclusive of 3 hours unpaid breaks). We are recruiting for a dynamic and creative individual to join our Creative Engagement team in the role of Young People’s Officer to support the delivery of our Youth Theatre both practically and administratively, contributing to other Playhouse Youth initiatives that widen our Playhouse community and support young people in Leeds to achieve their very best. You will be responsible for delivering workshops and projects for Playhouse Youth, ensuring that young people and their families are able to access the Playhouse and its work for young people. You will maintain the administration of our busy Youth Theatre, ensuring that young people and their families have relevant and appropriate information, whilst helping to maintain inclusive practice and that all groups remain representative of the diversity of the city of Leeds. Interviews are planned for w/c 13 December. In summary, to apply you’ll need strong organisational skills with a logical and thorough approach to administration. You will also be an excellent facilitator with experience of delivering drama-based workshops for young people in any setting. Visit Leeds Playhouse’s website to find out more about the Young People’s Officer role and to apply.

DEADLINE Mon. Dec. 6th (midday): Gallery Assistant (Visitor Services) for Impressions Gallery of Photography (Bradford). Contract: 1 year. Hours: 21 – 22 per week. Salary: £9.00 per hour. Impressions Gallery is a charity that helps people understand the world through photography. Established in 1972, we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading centres for photography. We are seeking to appoint a Gallery Assistant to join our small and dedicated team. The Gallery Assistant will work in a key public facing role, providing a friendly and informative welcome to all visitors, alongside a high level of customer service in our bookshop, undertaking reception duties, and ensuring the safety of the public and artworks. Other duties include supporting the running of events, seeking feedback from visitors, and assisting with the installation and deinstallation of exhibitions. Applicants must enjoy meeting and talking to new people, be reliable, proactive and well organised, with a positive and engaging attitude. Interviews: Tuesday 14 December 2021, in-person at Impressions Gallery. Visit the Impressions Gallery website to find out more about the Gallery Assistant role and to apply.

DEADLINE Mon. Dec. 6th (5pm): Learning and Engagement Programme Coordinator for Artworks, The Everybody School of Art (Halifax). Contract: 9 months fixed term Jan. – Sep. 2022 (maternity cover). Salary: £21k (pro rata). Artworks, The Everybody School of Art, is a not-for-profit, artist-led, community arts organisation. We provide opportunities for people to develop their artistic skills and exercise their creative potential in order to achieve positive change for people and communities. Our work takes place from our art school with letterpress, printmaking and ceramics facilities, our exhibition space, artist studios, out in the community and online. The Learning and Engagement Programme Coordinator responsible for programming and taking care of our workshops and courses as well as any external outreach projects. This is an office based role with some flexibility to work from home. Summary of duties:
● Programming and management of Artworks’ on-site courses and workshops for children, young people and adults including bookings, resources and staffing.
● Programming and co-ordination of outreach projects and activities with external partners.
● Identify areas for development within our learning and engagement programmes, liaising with the Managing and Creative Director and Schools and Gallery Programme Manager to develop a range of offers for our audiences that align with Arts Council England’s investment principles.
● Support the identification of new projects and funding, and work with the wider Artworks’ team to put together funding bids and project applications.
In summary, to apply you’ll need:
● Experience working in an Arts, Museum, Gallery or Education setting and an understanding of creative working environments.
● Effective administration, marketing and communication skills.
● Experience programming engaging creative learning activities.
Visit the Artworks website to find out more about the Learning and Engagement Programme Coordinator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 6th: Violin Instructor (South Leeds Music Centre for ArtForms, Leeds City Council). ArtForms supports learners in music and artistic activities throughout Leeds. Our music service provides tuition to 14,000 young people across the city, through a combination of school-based lessons, youth music groups and community music centres. South Leeds Music Centre (based at Cockburn School, LS11) runs on Saturday mornings for 27 weeks of the year from September until June, with breaks during school holidays. We are seeking to appoint a skilled and enthusiastic Violin Instructor to start teaching on Saturday mornings at South Leeds Music Centres as soon as possible. The post involves a mixture of small group and 1:1 work, involving both children and adults. There are approximately 3 hours’ work available, subject to student uptake. Salary: £19.96 per hour of teaching. If you have any questions about the post, please contact the Head of Centre, Sophie Bevan, on 07545 603954, or the ArtForms office on 0113 378 2850. For more information on the Music Centres, see www.artformsleeds.co.uk. To find out more about the Violin Instructor role visit the Leeds City Council carees site.

DEADLINE Thurs. Dec. 9th (11pm): Artist Management Assistant with Brighter Sound. We’re partnering with Artist Manager Sarah Brooksbank to offer an exciting work placement to somebody in the early stages of their career. Sarah Brooksbank runs a Sheffield-based Artist Management Company, managing the global career of renowned artists including Bat For Lashes, Fat White Family, Working Men’s Club and Producer/Mixer Ross Orton. A dynamic and modern company, recent successes have included two top 20 albums, a top 30 album, Mercury Prize, AIM Awards and Q Awards nominations, Ivor Novello wins, features on Jools Holland, and playlists on all major radio stations alongside collaborations and partnerships with global brands. This role is part of the Both Sides Now Leadership Programme, a Brighter Sound initiative to equalise the music industry and create opportunities for women and marginalised genders to gain experience and develop new skills in different areas of the music industry.
This is an exciting and varied entry-level role for someone beginning a career in the music industry. This is a supported role, so is suited to someone in the early stages of their career. You’ll be working closely with senior managers and will gain experience in all aspects of Artist Management including album release planning, A+R, administration and systems, network and team building, tour management and budgeting. We’re looking for someone reliable who has a real passion for music and is looking to get started with a career in this industry. Hours: 20 per week (worked flexibly over 5 days). Contract: Freelance for 6 months starting January 2022. Salary: Real Living Wage – £9.50 per hour (increasing to £9.90 from 1 April 2022). Location: remote with occasional travel to Sheffield and London. Visit Brighter Sound’s website to find out more about the Artist Management Assistant role and to apply.

EVENT Fri. Dec. 10th (free, 2pm – 6pm in York): Musican Recruitment Workshop by Live Music Now (for music jobs in Yorkshire). Live Music Now harnesses the connective power of music, enabling musicians to play a pivotal role in society, contributing to happier, healthier, more resilient communities. Our professional musicians use their talent to deliver interactive music programmes in schools, hospitals and care homes across the UK supporting people to have musical lives. We are looking for professional performers (established soloists or groups of up to five) who are new to this type of work. You should have:
• A strong musical identity
• Excellent technical musicianship and performance skills
• A passion for sharing your music and collaborating with others
• A willingness to engage with a diverse range of people
• An openness to learning new skills
• A belief that music can change lives
Suitable musicians from the recruitment workshop will be invited to join Live Music Now – we’re looking for excellent performers with a willingness to engage audiences with their music, and a belief that music has the capacity to change lives. Financial bursaries are available to cover expenses of attending, including access costs. Salary: We set our fees in fees in line with Musicians’ Union rates for educational work. Fees vary depending on the length and type of performance. We contribute towards the cost of travel and subsistence when you are away from home, and cover accommodation costs if necessary. Visit Live Music Now’s website to sign up to the recruitment workshop.

DEADLINE Dec. 12th: Project Delivery Coordinator for the National Railway Museum. At the Science Museum Group (SMG), we aim to inspire futures by creating informal learning environments through our exhibitions programmes which are designed to grow ‘science capital’ for our diverse audiences. We are now recruiting for a Project Delivery Coordinator to join our Exhibition Services team. This role will be based at the National Railway Museum in York in addition to working from home. The new Exhibitions Strategy marks a step change in the Museum’s aspiration to engage with the best practices to enhance our visitors’ experiences through beautiful, appropriate and well-crafted displays shown across SMG and beyond. Committed to this strategic priority the Exhibition Services team will support colleagues across the organisation to successfully deliver exhibitions, both within SMG and with our external partners nationally and internationally.
In the role of Project Delivery Coordinator, you will be responsible for the physical manifestation of small exhibitions for display across SMG sites. You will work with site Exhibition Project Managers, owning the procurement and production work packages for the projects you are assigned, supporting budget and programme administration for the work packages across the life of exhibition and delivery of the exhibition at its multiple sites where applicable. Your excellent organising skills and strong attention to detail, accuracy and clarity of working will enable you to take on the responsibility for the logistics of moving the exhibitions between SMG sites successfully, ensuring the integrity of the design and care of the collection is maintained across scheduled displays. You will also support the Project Delivery Manager on larger exhibitions and tours to external venues.
Joining us you will have experience of coordinating projects from idea to delivery, within tight timescales. You will have a proven track record of coordinating budgets and project programmes as well as the ability to prioritise your workload effectively and manage competing tasks to achieve successful delivery. Crucially you will possess excellent written and oral communications skills which will allow you to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Salary: £24,450 (permanent). Hours: 25 per week. Visit the SMG’s website to find out more about the Project Delivery Coordinator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 16th: Freelance Project Coordinator (WIRED) for Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN). YSWN seeks an experienced freelance Project Coordinator to deliver its 3-year WIRED programme for young people. WIRED is a participatory music technology programme taking place across Yorkshire combining face-to-face and online activities, enabling girls and people of minority genders to develop creative music technology skills alongside expert music leaders. An accompanying workforce development programme will seek to mitigate against unconscious gender bias in music education. The successful applicant will demonstrate excellent communication skills, be adept at liaising with a range of stakeholders (including participants, workshop leaders, schools, Music Education Hubs and funders), have a good knowledge and understanding of the music education sector and/or sound technologies and be thoroughly committed to creating a more equitable music sector. The Project Coordinator will be engaged on the basis that they have the status of a self-employed person and are responsible for all their own tax liabilities and National Insurance or similar contributions. Contract: 144 days between January 2022 – December 2024, approximately 1 day (7.5 hours) per week. Fee: £160 per day. Location: Remote, with potentially some travel within Yorkshire. Visit YSWN’s website to find out more about the Project Coordinator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 17th: Music Management Assistant for Music:Leeds (Kickstart). To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old. Music:Leeds, through it’s Yorkshire-wise project Launchpad, works to support emerging artists and local music scenes throughout the region. As well as supporting 100 artists over the last 3 years through mentoring, we now directly support 20 artists in managing their releases to online platforms (Spotify, Apple Music etc) and additional royalties (publishing etc, as well as supporting their other activities such as press campaigns & live bookings. We are looking for enthusiastic, driven individuals to join our team in supporting these artists; ensuring that we are maximising opportunities and revenues for those in the region. Successful applicants do not need to have experience of the music industry or on the specifics of royalty collection and PR as training will be given – but candidates must be enthusiastic to learn, with demonstrable skills in attention to detail, organisation, administration and communication.
Duties: The job will include liasing with artists to deliver assets for releases in a timely manner (for example, artwork, videos, promo photos). Liasing with artists to ensure data in relation to new music is received (for example, registration information, track titles and attribution). Liasing with partners and music organisation to register music efficiently and accurately (using spreadsheets to enter music registrations and submitting via online portals). Coordinating with artist managers to develop project plans and keep them on track (keeping note of key dates and activities, and communicating with artists and partners to make sure these are carried out effectively). Developing relationships with press and media to create new opportunities for artists (contacting press / media outlets to better promote new releases). Supporting artists releases through content creation and social media channels. Current supported artists come from a range of genre, including grime, jazz, electronica, indie-pop and more with many receiving national radio play, media exposure and festival performances. Hours: 25 per week (flexible, but including some evenings and weekends). Salary: national minimum wage. Visit the DWP website to find out more about the Music Management Assistant role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 18th: Freelance social media / marketing developer for AME (art music experiment). Contract: 10 weeks Jan. 10th – Mar. 20th, 1 – 2 days per week. Salary: £1,350. AME is an artist-collective organisation supporting contemporary music and art in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Since 2016, we have commissioned national and international artists for concerts, installations, exhibitions and artist-in-residence programs. We are looking for a professional freelance social media / marketing developer to analyse and improve our social media and marketing strategies. The right person must be able to look into our history and statistics and offer the best ways for a small organisation to promote cultural activities on the digital domain, specific to social media / digital exposure. We are looking for someone who has:
• Understanding the importance of DIY culture, being familiar with its pros and cons, and the context in which it operates.
• Experience creating and working with web analytics to improve social media strategy and online marketing.
• Experience creating written and visual content for social media marketing campaigns, including articles, blogs, ad copy, and graphics.
• Ability to maximise online public engagement.
• Fairness and equality, and ability to understand a good social structure welcoming diversity of people.
Visit AME’s website to find out more about the freelance role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 18th: AME (art music experiment) Gallery Manager. Contract: 3 months Jan. – Mar. Hours: 6-10 hours per event (at least 2-3 events a month). Salary: £10.50 p/h. We are looking for one or two team member(s) who are able to manage events in our gallery space. We frequently run projects in Dai Hall and Sho Hall situated in Huddersfield town centre. The right person will have organisational skills, strong interest in working in a small DIY organisation, and enjoy liaising with artists and audiences. We want to work with someone who has:
• Understanding of DIY culture and its mission and the context in which it operates.
• Passion to work with and manage small teams of people.
• Experience of hospitality and live events.
• Ability to work calmly under pressure.
• Fairness and equality, and ability to understand a good social structure welcoming a diversity of people.
• Flexibility in working on varying days of the weeks and different times in the day and evenings.
• Interest in underground and experimental music and art.
This role has been administered on rotation within AME staff. We now would like to develop this position as a dedicated role. Although this is a short-term contract, there are opportunities for the role to be developed and extended, depending on future fundings. Visit AME’s website to find out more about the Gallery Manager role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 20th: Literature Festivals Co-ordinator for Harrogate International Festivals. Salary: £15k – £20k pro tata. Hours: full time. To act as one of the first points of contact in the Festival office offering administrative support to the Literature Festivals Manager, ensuring the smooth running of the office at all times. Duties:
• To assist with the preparation of submissions, event schedules and operations sheets, and to feed into event and Festival evaluation processes
• To manage artist liaison at events, working to ensure smooth running of all artists/authors technical requirements and ensuring Literature Festivals reputation is maintained throughout
• To support the Festival’s financial systems with accurate financial records, including updating budgets daily and raising purchase orders and invoices
• To manage and book requirements for the issuing and administration of artist/author contracts and riders and to collate and book artists/authors’ travel, accommodation and technical support
• To manage various elements of sponsorship packages, both physical and digital, including sponsorship liaison & hospitality
• To co-ordinate the administration and delivery of community and outreach projects, including year-round fringe activities, eg. Writer in Residence and Big Read
• To negotiate and contract relevant suppliers as required and comms liaison with relevant partners
• To sell and administrate ticket and accommodation packages to public and industry
• To run reports from box office data, manage box office set ups and maintain databases
• To market the literature festivals through digital outlets, including managing web updates, listings, e-newsletters and social media channels
• To co-ordinate physical mailings and marketing distribution for the Literature Festivals, in line with the marketing plan
• To provide inspiring copy for print/web features as necessary and provide administrative and proof-reading support for the preparation of festival brochures, web pages and tickets
• To work both in-house and with designer to produce marketing materials
Contact Sharon Canavar (info@harrogate-festival.org.uk) for more information, including how to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 22nd (midday): Design Coordinator for Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). The purpose of the role is to provide in-house design, and design and print production coordination. You’ll also assist the team with implementation of marketing and PR campaigns to promote the wideranging offer at YSP. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll design and produce creative and effective, high-quality printed and digital marketing collateral for all YSP projects following YSP brand guidelines. For example: banners, posters, flyers, invitations, point of sale, adverts, social media graphics, gifs, press releases, exhibition creative. To apply you’ll have experience of and enjoy designing and producing materials for diverse projects, in collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders. Contract: permanent, 5 or 4 days per week. Salary: Salary: £23,000 5 days / £18,400 4 days. Visit YSP’s website to find out more about the Design Coordinator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 22nd (midday): Marketing and PR Assistant for Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). The purpose of the role is to assist the Marketing and PR Team in the delivery of all marketing and PR campaigns and to provide general support. Summary of key responsibilities:
• Assist the team with implementation of marketing and PR campaigns to promote the wideranging offer at YSP
• Monitor and respond to social media
• Monitor, respond to and triage incoming requests (internal and external)
• Support improved accessibility across YSP digital channels (writing alt text, ID copy for social media, SEO and keywords for example)
• Work with other departments to maintain YSP’s image library
• Assist with content creation and distribution across YSP digital channels
To apply you’ll need to be able to proof and write engaging and factually correct copy for multiple platforms, and can communicate clearly with internal colleagues as well as external contacts. Salary: £20,440. Visit YSP’s website to find out more about the Marketing and PR Assistant role and to apply.

DEADLINE Dec. 31st (5pm): Freelance Artist Curator for East Street Arts. We are looking for someone who is committed to social change, and has demonstrable experience in research, and an active interest in public art. The role will work closely with senior staff at East Street Arts and Leeds 2023 to explore a commission or series of commissions for the 2023 festival. The curator will support East Street Arts to manage and develop a new active network in Leeds focused on Public Art and support the development and delivery of a range of workshops and artists/curator talks. This role will work closely with the Artist Support team and the Programme team at East Street Arts to research artists working in the public realm (locally, nationally and internationally), assess access needs to widen artists commissions and community involvement, develop potential partnerships, input into a new learning programme and develop the curatorial and strategic approach to programming ‘A City Less Grey’ going forward. Fee: £10,800
Length of post: 9 months (2 days a week) at £150 per day. Visit the East Street Arts website to find out more about the Freelance Artist Curator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Jan. 4th: Digital Marketing Internship by Bradford Producing Hub.We are looking for someone passionate about social media to take our communications to the next level. This role is perfect for a recent graduate or someone starting out in their Marketing career, who is willing to test new ideas while learning and training on the job with a busy arts organisation (in house training will be provided). You will be excited about working in the arts sector in Bradford, attending performances, filming rehearsals, interviewing artists and creating engaging content for social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok. You will be dedicated, ambitious, creative and highly organised with a critical eye for detail and a genuine interest in growing social media engagement. We are committed to making sure you are given lots of support and opportunity to further develop your skills, networks and future job prospects. This is an exciting time to join our growing team of creatives supporting the live arts sector in Bradford. We encourage people from African, Caribbean and South Asian heritage and Disabled people to apply, but we would love to hear from everyone. Salary: UK Living Wage £9.50 per hour, the equivalent of £823,30 per month or £4,940 for the total contract. Hours: 20 per week. Contract: 26 Week fixed term. Due to the kinds of events you will attend, applicants need to be age 18+. Visit Bradford Producing Hub’s website to find out more about the Digital Marketing Internship role and to apply.

DEADLINE Jan. 31st: Freelance Artist Facilitators (all artforms) for Pyramid of Arts. Pyramid is looking to recruit new artists to join our existing freelance team, working on an exciting range of projects, in all artforms, alongside people with learning disabilities and autistic people. Our projects are led by an artist facilitator and a core worker. Core workers are professional artists who have completed the Pyramid training in inclusive arts practice. The core worker makes sure that everybody in the group is able to take part to the fullest of their ability. Artists are selected by matching the requirements of the project to their area of creative expertise. Most groups meet for two hours per week, and we usually offer work on a termly basis (12-13 week contracts). We work with around 20-25 freelance artists in any given term. We can’t guarantee any immediate offer of work but we are keen to add to the list of artists to work with in future.
We’re interested in hearing from people with backgrounds in all artforms but particularly digital media, photography and film-making. Prior experience of working in community arts or alongside people with a learning disability and autistic people is desirable but not essential. You will be invited to undertake our training in inclusive arts practice.
Salary: Artist Facilitators and Core Workers are paid £22.45 per hour. Workers are also invited to take part in our 16% for Art initiative, and can receive an additional seven hours pay for each project they work on, to use on developing their own creative practice. We also have a research and development budget to support our team to access training and professional development opportunities. Some of our 1:1 work is directly funded by Adult Social Care, and is therefore paid at the lower hourly rates found in the social care sector. For this work we pay £10.69 per hour. These workers still receive the 16% for Art at the full £22.45 rate. All workers receive pay to cover additional work outside of the session times (e.g. meetings, planning, session reports).
Visit Pyramid of Arts website to find out more about the Artist Facilitator role and to apply.

DEADLINE Jan. 31st: Drama Tutors. Dramacube Movie Makers run film-making courses for children between 7 and 14 years of age in London, York and West Yorkshire. We are looking for the following roles for our York and Hebden Bridge teams:
Senior Tutor – Drama: £22.00 per hour
Senior Tutor – Technical: £22.00 per hour
Junior Tutor – Drama: £9.50 per hour
Junior Tutor – Technical: £9.50 per hour
Please email Chris Giangiordano (chris@dramacube.co.uk) and we will send you a comprehensive job description pack.

Ongoing: Leeds Employment Hub. If you’re currently out of working we can support you to gain a job, training or plan your next steps, even if you are already studying or in education. Since April 2019 over 8000 people have accessed our services and we have supported over 5000 people into work. Our Employment Advisors can offer:
● Careers advice and guidance, and opportunities to learn new skills
● Tips on CV writing and completing application forms
● Interview practice
● Access to local job and apprenticeship opportunities
● In-work support (for up to 6 months in your new role)
● Information and guidance on self-employment
● Advice on benefits calculations and managing debt
Visit the Employment Skills Leeds website to receive support from the Leeds Employment Hub.

Ongoing: Music Tutors. To become a music tutor with MusicTutors.co.uk, you will first have to send them an application via the website form. Their recruitment process ensures that their students get lessons from high quality, professional and certified (enhanced DBS) music tutors. After applying, you will be notified on what will happen next. Visit Music Tutor’s website to find out more and apply.

Ongoing: Crew members for The Music Consortium. The Music Consortium works on festivals of all shapes and sizes such as Latitude/Longitude, Lollapalooza, and Leeds Festival, with a team of crew members. To apply it’s likely you will need a valid driving licence and access to your own vehicle. Visit The Music Consortium’s website to apply for a Crew member role.

Ongoing: Employment Surgeries for Creative Careers (free, online). Age 18-30? Create Jobs have teamed up with Creative Society to support more young people with their creative careers by hosting one-to-one employment surgeries. You can get help from a member of the team to support you with your creative career during lockdown. Book your half hour slot to get help with: job hunting and careers search, applications and interviews, and also advice for employees, furloughed staff and the self-employed. You can also get guidance to other services out there to support your health and well-being. Slots are available for the following Friday session only. Visit the Create Jobs website to double check sessions are still running, then drop them an email to book your slot.

Ongoing: National Careers Service – The Skills Toolkit. Free courses to help you learn new skills or change jobs. Including general skills that apply to all sectors and more specialised skills. Courses include: Business and Finance, Coding, Computer Science, Digital Design and Marketing, Personal Growth and Wellbeing, Professional Development, and more. To find out more about the Skills Toolkit courses and undertake them for free, visit the National Careers website.

“If you want to be moved, inspired and impressed this is where to look; some extraordinarily powerful work produced by some of the city’s newest emerging talent.” Sally Joynson – Chief Executive, Screen Yorkshire

“Studio12 gave me the portfolio and experience to get my dream job working at The Mill in London.” Finlay, Studio12 Participant

Studio12 provides FREE access to a visual and audio production studio for 16 - 30 year olds living in Leeds


Studio12, Central Library, Calverley St
Tel: 0113 3787016

Open Hours

[Temporary Hours 1pm - 4:30pm]

Tuesday - Friday: 1pm – 5pm
Weekends: Closed