A project partnership with Boomsatsuma, Khadijah Ibrahiim and Studio12. Borderlines was a transnational poetry project: 7 centres in England, 3 in the UK and 7 across the EU took part to produce Europe’s largest ever online exhibition of spokenword, exploring the meaning of ‘borders’.

“As the world becomes more divided and countries fall into isolation it is vital that our young people raise their voices in support of global unity. Borderlines offers the perfect opportunity for young people across the UK and Europe to connect, consider the meaning of the word ‘borders’, and to discuss how they affect them in their personal, public and political lives. Working with a team of prominent UK poets and spoken word artists, the international exchange of voices has begun.” – Joelle Taylor, Artistic Director at Boomsatsuma

20 Young women explored spokenword as a form of activism to express their views and provide modern perspectives on borders and austerity. They received opportunities to develop writing and performance skills with established activist, playwright and poet Khadijah Ibrahiim, in addition to working with guest poet Adam Kammerling. Poetry produced was showcased at an event as part of Leeds LitFest, accompanied by live music from the Sunday Practise house band Purple Lychee collective.

Leeds LitFest celebrates the vibrant and thriving Leeds literature scene by involving local writers, performers and artists to display their talent alongside those from across the UK and internationally. The event was attended by a diverse audience of over 60 people including Artforms Leeds, a member of the BBC and Leeds Councillors. The event was filmed using a 360-degree camera and live streamed as part of an international Borderlines showcase day, reaching an international audience.

“Another lovely workshop on the #borderlines project with @boomsatsuma and @JTaylorTrash. Privilege to work with @Studio12Leeds and the Leeds Young Authors. Great work great space great city” – Adam Kammerling, Guest Poet

“You can feel the talent & energy in this room!” – Karen Kelly, Channel 4

“Watched some awesome and FIERCE young women perform at this tonight”. #firefire – Nicola Addyman, Editor of Weekly Programmes at BBC Yorkshire

“The Borderlines project has allowed me a safe space to express how I felt about my country and the world. I was supported and encouraged to express myself with no judgement. The people I was around felt and thought similar to what I felt and if they didn’t there was opportunity for discussion.” – Participant

“The best experience I have ever entailed! An amazing opportunity to work with empowering people! A chance to shine and know yourself! I just want to say that opportunities like this need to continue. It allows young people to really focus on their creative side and to cut themselves from the toxicity of the world whilst they protest through their poetry, making a world which they feel content with.” – Participant

Watch the live performance of the boarderlines project in 360° at Leeds Central Library.