Studio12 continued to work in partnership with Brighter Sound to help address the gender gap in the industry, this time collaborating on Both Sides Now: Film Music. Over 5 days 10 young women and non-binary artists created, recorded and mixed their own short film scores with guidance from award-winning composer Laura Rossi and sound designer Christella Litras. With special visits from Alisha Lazare (Channel 4) and Sarah Liversedge (BDI Music), the project aimed to give participants insight into what a career in composing music for film and TV involves, as well as create pathways into the industry.

“Things are changing for women working in the film industry and this is a great opportunity to explore what it’s like as a job. Whether you know a bit about film scoring already or you’ve never even considered it before, I’m looking forward to sharing my insights and experiences with you and hope you will leave feeling inspired!” – Laura Rossi

The astonishing results of their work were premiered at a special event as part of Leeds INDIs Film Festival, attended by a diverse audience of 60 people. Participants took part in a panel discussion with special guest and award winning composer Nina Humphries, treating the audience with insight into their creative processes.

About Laura Rossi: A composer for Film, TV & Concert Works. Credits include Battle of the Somme, London to Brighton, Song for Marion, Silent Shakespeare, The Cottage, Hurricane, Prisoners Wives, & The Eichmann Show. As Artistic Director for Somme100 FILM, she led a project coordinating 100 live orchestral performances of her score for the 1916 film, The Battle of the Somme. The project was attended by an audience of over 37,000 people, involved over 4,200 musicians, and was televised live on BBC1 with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. “It’s been such a brilliant week with all of you – feeling quite sad it’s coming to an end… Hope we can do something else together another time. Thanks so much for asking me to be part of this – it’s been fun, so inspiring and I’ve loved getting to know you all!” – Laura Rossi, Composer / Project Lead

“What a brilliant project to be part of – the talent in the room is amazing. Also I was honoured to Chair the INDIs event for Women in Film Music… Never shared a space with so many female composers and sound designers!” – Christella Litras, Composer / Project Lead

“Great to meet you all yesterday and to be part of such a fantastic project! Some really interesting collaborations and it was obvious what an enjoyable and inspiring week you’ve all had. Hopefully I was able to add just a few thoughts at the end of it all, but most of all, I look forward to seeing them continuing with their chosen careers”. – Nina Humphries, Leading UK Film and TV Composer

“I honestly think that the insight I gained this week cannot be substituted by any other creative experience and I feel like I would have lost so much if I hadn’t been a part of it… I think it helped me be more open about such collaborations, get out of my “creative shell” and seek more of them in the future.” – Participant Adina Nelu

“I’ve always been determined to have a career in music. This residency has given me more of an idea how to get there.” – Participant Natalie Kolowiecki

“I think that most importantly, the project has given me the confidence to view myself as a Film Composer. As Laura and Christella reminded us – we are not students or ”sort-of” composers – we are composers! This mentality will make me feel more confident when approaching directors and future composing endeavours.” – Participant Lauren Hutchins

“I have no way in which you could improve, it has been an amazing experience which I would love to do over and over again!” – Participant Megan Tarpey